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What Is In-Home Delivery & Setup?

Zach Gentry
Helix Customer Experience Manager / Mattress Guru
Updated: March 19, 2020

At Helix, we do everything we can to make the mattress buying process as easy as possible - from selection to delivery to set up in your home.

Our In-Home Delivery & Setup service is a hands-free shipping option that we offer in most zip codes across the United States, giving you the ability to schedule the delivery of your Helix and take advantage of professional assembly in your home.

In-Home Delivery and Setup is not currently available in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.

With the help of a trusted delivery partner, we’ll gather the bulk items in your Helix order and deliver them all at once. Our team will assemble the products and situate them to your liking before taking away any trash and debris.

For customers who also purchased Old Mattress Removal through this service, we will be glad to take away up to THREE items from your home that are being replaced by Helix products.

Please note: In-Home Delivery & Setup is limited to Helix mattresses, foundations, frames, and adjustable bases. Smaller items like sheets, pillows, and mattress toppers will be delivered via FedEx Ground at no cost to you!

So, What Happens When You Purchase In-Home Delivery & Setup?

All Helix products are manufactured in facilities across the United States so the first step for us is to bundle all of the bulk items in your order at a delivery hub closest to your home.

Once your order is bundled and ready for delivery, we’ll contact you via text message and email, giving you the opportunity to schedule the delivery of your items.

Customers who purchase In-Home Delivery & Setup can expect their mattress to be delivered within 8 business days of your order; unless of course, you need it scheduled at a later date.

Helix In-Home Delivery & Setup is available in 4-hour windows Monday - Friday between 8am - 5pm. We do not currently offer In-Home Delivery & Setup on Saturdays or Sundays.

You will have the opportunity to reschedule delivery appointments until the day before your scheduled appointment. You will receive a notification the night before delivery confirming the details of your appointment.

What Can You Expect On Delivery Day?

Our team will give you a call on the day of your delivery to let you know they are en route. The delivery team will arrive at your home within your scheduled 4-hour window.

Your In-Home Delivery will include the unpackaging of all your bulky Helix products. The team will complete any necessary assembly of your products and will fully expand your Helix before positioning it on your foundation or base.

What’s Included With Old Mattress Removal?

If you purchase Old Mattress Removal alongside the In-Home Delivery & Setup service, our team will take away up to THREE items that are being replaced by Helix products.

Please note that Old Mattress Removal does not include old bed frames or adjustable bases. Our team will not be equipped to use tools during the removal process.

What Is The Cost For In-Home Delivery And Setup?

$149: Includes delivery and setup of one Helix product.

$199: Includes delivery and setup of two or more Helix products. (King and CA King Adjustable Bases ship in two halves and will be considered two products for setup purposes.)

$75 Old Mattress Removal (Optional): This flat fee covers the removal of up to 3 items being replaced by new items in your Helix order. Removal services are limited to old mattresses, box springs, and foundations. Our partner will not remove your old bed frames or adjustable bases and will not be equipped to use any tools for removal. Removal will take place during the same scheduled appointment.

Still have questions for us?

Don’t hesitate to contact our team at We also offer live chat 10am-6pm Monday - Friday, EST.