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How It Works

Solving a complex,
and personal, problem.

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Individualized Comfort

Comfort means something different to everyone. At Helix, we embrace that individuality. You’ll discover a new type of comfort, on your own terms, that you could never find off the shelf.

Personal Sleep is Better Sleep

Your Helix Mattress provides the proper support and adaptability to align your spine based on your body and sleep style. This leads to that well rested feeling, which leads to a better you - all day long.

Trust the Science

Helix empowers discerning individuals to be themselves day and night. Trust that our innovative sleep science and intuitive product experience will give you the right mattress for you.

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3 Simple Steps.
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    Get Personal.
    Take our 2-3 minute Sleep Quiz. We’ll capture all we need to know to build your Helix Mattress, from preferences, to body type, to sleeping style. And don’t worry, there are no wrong answers.
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    Get Customized.
    We’ll personalize your design and custom make the most comfortable, supportive, and “you” mattress out there. Your mattress is now your mattress.
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    Get Ready for Bed.
    Your made-to-order Helix Mattress will arrive on your doorstep within 6-10 business days. Open the box and let your mattress get settled for about 45 minutes. And then? Well, in this case, you certainly don’t lose if you snooze.
  • How It Works

    Solving a complex,
    and personal, problem.

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