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The Helix Difference

Series of Helix mattresses along a rainbow spectrum
We all sleep differently.
We all come in different shapes and sizes. At Helix, we celebrate those differences to keep you comfortable. Don’t settle for average.
Sleep on your side, back or stomach?
We have a mattress for each position.
Prefer a softer or firmer mattress?
We have mattresses across a spectrum of firmness.
Have back pain?
We have a mattress with the support you need.

Not sure which mattress is best for you?
Take our 2-3 minute Sleep Quiz.

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Your Sleep DNA Matters

People who switch from their current mattress to a Helix report a 36% improvement in sleep quality after 100 nights. That’s a whole lot of hours.

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Individualized Comfort

Comfort means something different to everyone. With the Helix Color MATCH you’ll discover a new type of comfort that’s built just for you.

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Support Made for You

Each Helix Mattress has unique support characteristics to align your spine based on your body and sleep style. That means less pain and deeper sleep.

What's your Helix Color Match


Mattress Feel

Prefers just in the middle

Sleep Position

Back Sleeper

Body Type

6’0” tall and 200 lbs with a large build

Helix Dusk Mattress

Helix Dusk


Mattress Feel

Loves a very soft feel

Sleep Position

Side Sleeper

Body Type

5’2” tall and 115 lbs with a slim build

The Helix Sunset Mattress

Helix Sunset

People Sleep Differently

graph that indicates the varying opinions on how one sleeps properly
Helix mattress

Find your perfect mattress.
Find the best mattresses for you based on your body type, sleeping position, and feel preference using Helix Color MATCH.

Find Your Match

100 Night Sleep Trial

The 100 Night Sleep Trial is our guarantee that comes along with your Helix Mattress purchase. Starting the day that your Helix arrives at your door, you’ll have 100 nights to quite literally sleep on it. No risk, no lost sleep.
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Cost per Queen Mattress

Materials & Manufacturing

Handmade in the USA

Each Helix Mattress is 100% US made, hand-assembled and custom-built in our facilities throughout the country. Our team of engineers, designers, and craftsmen have been manufacturing beds for over 30 years with a singular focus on quality. The result is an expertly designed and meticulously assembled Helix Mattress that is made especially for you.

Helix mattress

Find your perfect mattress.
Find the best mattresses for you based on your body type, sleeping position, and feel preference using Helix Color MATCH.

Find Your Match

Who We Are

We were tired of being tired. We were tired of empty promises, confusing products, and oversimplification. The world is made up of individuals. One option isn’t an option. We all think differently, and that means that we all dream differently.

Our company cofounders: Jerry, Kristian, and Adam

Our Founders

Inspired by shared terrible mattress purchasing experiences (and the ensuing sleepless nights), we created Helix because we’re passionate about building something that improves people’s lives in a very real way. Helix exists to make your life more comfortable through building the best products designed for you.

In order to achieve that goal, we’ve built a company full of passionate and motivated individuals who know the importance of quality, continuous feedback, and a good night’s sleep.

– Jerry, Kristian, and Adam

Work With Us

person laying down on a Helix Sleep adjustable pillow

We are dreamers, developers, creative thinkers, analyzers, early risers, organizers, snoozers, designers, writers, jokers, and hard workers. We’re a team made up of individuals who are exceptionally passionate about what we’re building and who we are building it with. Oh, and we’re pretty passionate about sleep, too.

We’re based in the city that never sleeps, but we’re hoping to change that.

Work With Us