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Our site colors change every few hours. That’s because they’re a reflection of the circadian rhythm, the light based biological phenomenon that governs how, and when, we sleep.

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Who We Are

Frankly, we're
Bed Heads.

Our Story.
We believe that being who you are starts with how you sleep. That's why we created a sleep experience as personal as sleep itself; a sleep experience that not only makes it simple and affordable for everyone to be themselves, but actually embraces and empowers your uniqueness.
Why We Do What We Do.
We were tired of being tired. We were tired of empty promises, confusing products, and oversimplification. We weren't interested in glossing over the complexities of how people sleep. The world is made up of individuals. One option isn't an option. We all think differently, and that means that we all dream differently.
World Class Customer Experience

We've been the customer, so we get it. And because we get it, we put you, and your sleep, first. We aim to offer the best possible experience - from high quality products, to value based prices, to world class customer service. That’s why, whether you call, email, or chat, you’re always talking to a human being. You’re a person, not a commission.

  • “It’s so much better than my old mattress.”

    Littleton, CO
  • “It’s a whole new world of relaxation.”

    New York, NY
Our Founders.
Inspired by shared terrible mattress purchasing experiences (and the ensuing sleepless nights), we created Helix because we're passionate about building something that improves people's lives in a very real way. Helix exists because personal sleep is simply better sleep. People's differences should be recognized and celebrated.

And in order to achieve that goal, we've built a company full of passionate and motivated individuals who, like us, know the importance of personalization, continuous feedback, and a good night’s sleep.

-Jerry, Kristian, and Adam
  • “It’s so much better than my old mattress.”

    Littleton, CO
  • “It’s a whole new world of relaxation.”

    New York, NY
Our Team

We are dreamers, developers, creative thinkers, analyzers, early risers, organizers, snoozers, designers, writers, jokers, and hard workers. We’re a team made up of individuals who are exceptionally passionate about what we’re building and who we are building it with. Oh, and we’re pretty passionate about sleep, too.

We’re based in the city that never sleeps, but we’re hoping to change that.

  • How It Works

    Solving a complex,
    and personal, problem.

  • Our Values

    Why we do
    what we do.

  • Who We Are

    Frankly, we're
    Bed Heads.

  • Our Production

    obsessed with quality.

Helix Sleep Quiz
In order to build your very own customized Helix Mattress, we need to learn a little bit more about you. It usually only takes a few minutes, and all of your answers will be kept confidential.
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