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Customer Reviews.
See what our customers are saying about Helix.
  • A
    • Adam D. Verified Buyer
    • 2/19/18
    Awesome Sleep
    I sleep on my stomach, my side of the bed is nice and firm. My wife’s side is soft, as she likes it.
  • N
    • Nicole R. Verified Buyer
    • 2/19/18
    Nice bed
    Nice bed
  • L
    • Lucas D. Verified Buyer
    • 2/18/18
    Fantastic purchase!
    I couldn't be happier with this! I haven't slept this well in a very long time!
  • J
    • Joseph A. Verified Buyer
    • 2/18/18
    Different Preferences
    My wife and I have very different sleeping preferences. She likes a soft mattress where I like a very firm mattress. Our previous cushiony mattress and topper left me waking up with hip and back pain daily. We absolutely love our custom mattress! We took the quiz and each of our sides is customized to our preferences.
  • D
    • Dan Verified Reviewer
    • 2/17/18
    Melts Away Back Pain
    I had an aging mattress that started giving me back pain so bad, it would wake me up in the middle of the night. I started reading about all the online bed-in-a-box manufacturers and came across this through a Youtube video (Justin Tse) and was intrigued by the quiz process to customize your mattress. (I chose a very soft mattress.) Eventually, I decided to pull the trigger and boy, was I right on this one! This mattress was worth every penny. Unlike some other mattresses, this one was completely odorless and ready to lay on in about 45 minutes. I finally laid down and was in heaven. Within just a few days, my back pain started to disappear and was sleeping longer throughout the night. Who knew something as simple as a mattress could be such a huge change in your quality of life? The mattress is also fairly affordable, given it's custom configuration and in comparison to other bed-in-a-box retailers (especially when it's on sale!). All in all, Helix makes a great quality mattress that will definitely improve your quality of sleep. (PS. I actually enjoyed my bed so much, I just ordered their new pillow too.)
  • K
    • kaycee s. Verified Buyer
    • 2/17/18
    Finally a full night's sleep
    I haven't slept a full night's sleep in years. Day one of this mattress I passed out. The next couple days was adjusting to it but on the fourth day I sleep hard and long and woke up with no back pain and refreshed. I have now had the bed for couple months and still the same. I feel so much better. I have serious back injuries, over weight and stomach sleeper and have never found a mattress that caters to all those issues till my helix mattress. The survey was easy and they foind the best mattress to work for me. Worth every penny.....
  • J
    • Justin Zollar
    • 2/16/18
    It's awesome. Seriously.
    I've had the best service. Mattress came a little too firm, so they sent me a memory foam top, which is an absolute game changer. Love the base (it's a little weird and was a little clunky, but otherwise it's great). I haven't slept this well in over two years. Would recommend to everyone.
  • J
    • Justin C. Verified Buyer
    • 2/16/18
    I was a little hesitant to order a mattress without trying it out first, but my Helix is an amazing deal and I sleep great!
  • M
    • Michael B. Verified Buyer
    • 2/16/18
    Good mattress after adjusting
    We purchased the split cal king. It’s everything we were looking for - her side is soft, mine is medium-firm. I did struggle adjusting though. At first the new mattress was as hard as concrete on my side. I thought there was a mistake and I ordered very firm. This didn’t change after a month, then 6 weeks so I contacted support. Support was fast to respond and provided the option for a foam topper as many others have commented. I took it as overall my wife liked the mattress and I liked the idea behind it. A few days later it showed up. After unboxing and letting it expand, I tried it out. I nearly fell asleep trying it out. This is what I had been looking for! We both sleep very well and love the extra length of the cal king. I’m 6’4” and my feet no longer hang off the end of the bed. Most blankets for kings work on a cal king. Just get new sheets and a mattress pad.
  • S
    • Scott D. Verified Buyer
    • 2/15/18
    Everything Good - Including Sleep After 90+ days
    A skeptic at first, the mattress was simple to set up and has been very comfortable. I would definitely recommend the company and the product.
  • All reviews are verified to be from Helix customers. Some of these reviews were collected via NPS surveys which is measured on a 0-10 scale. These reviews are converted to 5 stars by dividing by 2 and rounding up to the nearest whole number. We never alter or change reviews.
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