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Customer Reviews.
See what our customers are saying about Helix.
  • G
    • George C. Verified Buyer
    • 6/24/18
    Sooo much better than savda...yea
    Sooo much better than savda...yea we are rock in this
  • M
    • Michelle F. Verified Buyer
    • 6/24/18
    Lower back pain is gone!
    I'm a stomach sleeper. I woke up every morning with middle and lower back pain from sleeping on my pillowtop, but I couldn't stand hard mattresses even though I knew I needed more support. After a couple of weeks on my Helix my back pain was completely gone! And it is still comfortable! They have somehow managed to combine support and comfort! I'm also a very hot sleeper. But I never wake up hot anymore. All of these features and more are possible because of the questionnaire that allows them to customize my mattres just for me! I'm definitely Helix for life!
  • D
    • Dennis M. Verified Buyer
    • 6/24/18
    Best bed I’ve ever slept in
    The customization of the Helix mattress is amazing, I’m a tall person so I’ve always struggled to find a bed less than a king that can accommodate my height and Helix did just that... also the incredible technology of firm foam makes for an amazing sleep. It was worth every penny and I would recommend to everyone looking for a new mattress
  • S
    • SANDRO D. Verified Buyer
    • 6/24/18
    Excellent customer service
    Although unfortunately the Helix fit was not for us, we were very impressed with the level of customer service. When we called to inquire about the return warranty they offered to issue a full refund for our mattress and have it picked by a local charity, no questions asked. If they expand their range of products we would buy again from them without doubt.
  • J
    • Jennifer M. Verified Buyer
    • 6/24/18
    Amazing bed
    Im so glad I had my boyfriend help set this up. It is so heavy! This bed is amazing. But after about 3 weeks it got an indentation where I lay every night. But it is so beyond comfortable.
  • R
    • Ronald T. Verified Buyer
    • 6/23/18
    A Comfortable Night's Sleep in a Box!
    I was skeptical about the mattress-in-a-box concept, but after much research I decided to give the Helix mattress a try because of the personalized customization and the hybrid technology. I wanted memory foam, but I also like a mattress that has some spring to it and doesn't make you feel like you are trapped in the foam. My Helix mattress is the perfect solution and provides me with the benefits and comfort of both foam and coils. After my first night on my new Helix mattress I knew I had made a great choice, and after almost two months I continue to be extremely pleased. Along with the queen mattress, I also purchased the metal bed frame (very well constructed), the foundation (easy to assemble and doing the job) and the mattress protector (high quality). I can report that Helix's Customer Service Department also performed well. The assembly instructions were missing for the foundation and that caused me to erroneously believe that some parts were also missing. Customer Service was very responsive and helpful. I'll need to replace the old mattress in my guest room soon and I'll be putting a Helix mattress in there as well.
  • S
    • Stephen E. Verified Buyer
    • 6/23/18
    Quality product
    I have been very comfortable on my Helix mattress. It was very easy to set up too.
  • S
    • Sharon B. Verified Buyer
    • 6/23/18
    A great night sleep without waking my husband and vice a versa! We both turn over a lot, our last bed seemed to move every time we opened our eyes!!
  • K
    • Kellie G. Verified Buyer
    • 6/23/18
    Best purchase I've ever made!
    Before my helix mattress, I slept on the same mattress for about 15 years, either tossing and turning all night, or initially having trouble falling asleep. Now, with my helix, I sleep like a baby again!! I'm so happy with my purchase! I've recommended helix to many friends since experiencing it myself!
  • T
    • Tamara H. Verified Buyer
    • 6/23/18
    Great mattress for couples
    Perfect support. Alleviates pressure points. Partner movement is muffled. Was very easy to set up.
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