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How Does The Adjustable Base Work?
If you’re like most shoppers, your first thought when you see an Adjustable Base is probably that it looks like a hospital bed. 
You’d never even considered what it could be like to have one in your own home. But Adjustable Bases can be one of the most impactful tools when it comes to your sleep. For many people, they’ve become absolutely essential. 

Let’s take a look at how the Adjustable Base works and why it might be the perfect fit for you.
Shop the Helix Adjustable Base
Shop the Helix Adjustable Base
What Is An Adjustable Base?
5 Adjustable Base Positions
Adjustable Bases are powered support systems that sit directly beneath your mattress and offer a wide range of functionality.
The Helix Adjustable Base includes both head and foot elevation capabilities, head and foot massage functions, and convenient USB charging ports. And the best part is the entire base is operated with a wireless remote. 

Our Adjustable Base is made from durable steel and includes stackable legs so you can find the perfect overall height for you sleep setup. Not only does it provide excellent support for the foam layers in your mattress but it also enables you to sleep, read, and stream with more comfort than ever before.

Who Is An Adjustable Base Designed For?

Helix Adjustable Base Position
Helix Adjustable Base Position
They can be great for everyone! Adjustable Bases offer amazing benefits including everything from reduced snoring and sleep apnea to eased back and spinal pressure. Whether you’re looking for deeper, more restful sleep or you’re hoping to enjoy a good book in bed, an Adjustable Base can be the perfect answer. 

If you’re someone who snores, suffers from sleep apnea, or even struggles with acid reflux, simply elevating the head of your Adjustable Base a bit while you sleep can do wonders. You’ll immediately open up your airways and enjoy a deeper night’s sleep right away. 

Or maybe you’re someone who sleeps mostly on your back and you’re dealing with lower back pain while you sleep. Simply hit the ZeroG preset for an optimal combination head and foot elevation that simulates the feeling of weightlessness. With your head and feet elevated just enough, you’ll enjoy incredible pressure relief and reduced lower back stress.

Wait, did you say massage?

That’s right. The dual massage function in our Adjustable Base offers a soft, relaxing feel that is perfect for everything from unwinding after a long day to slowly drifting off to sleep at night. 

And whether you’re cycling between our three massage intensities or you’re looking for the best angle to position your base, our easy-to-use wireless remote gives you total control. In fact, the remote even includes 3 memory presets so you can save your favorite Adjustable Base positions and return to them with the click of a button. 

OK, so setup must be really difficult, right?

Not at all! The Helix Adjustable Base is delivered straight to your door and includes a completely tool-free assembly process. We recommend having a friend or family member on-hand to assist with the unboxing and any lift of the base that might be necessary. But with the help of our easy-to-follow assembly instructions, you’ll be enjoying your base in no time! 

Add A Base To Your Order

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