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Adjustable Base 101

Most people have never slept on an adjustable base but they are the latest in sleep technology. Watch the video or read below to learn more about how the Helix Adjustable Base works and some of the top benefits and features.

Jerry Lin, Co-Founder and Head of Product Design

What's An Adjustable Base?

An adjustable base is a hybrid of technology and furniture that allows you to raise and lower different parts of your bed to change your position while you’re sleeping. It’s powered from a normal wall power cord. When laying flat, the adjustable base acts just like a regular platform bed, and it’s designed to be fully compatible with any Helix mattress


Here are some of the key features of the Helix Adjustable Base:

• Using the included remote control, you can elevate your head, legs, or both

• The “Zero Gravity” setting elevates both your head and legs partially to minimize pressure on your back

• The micro hooks built into the base are built with a special material that creates friction between the base and your mattress so that it stays in place as you move up and down - almost like velcro

• 4 USB ports right into the base of the bed frame make it easy to charge all your tech gear

• The remote control has several different preset settings and a flashlight built in


The Helix Adjustable Base has a number of different uses and benefits:

• It's great for reading or watching TV in bed

• You can also use the head raising feature on the adjustable base is if you get heart burn or acid reflux, or if you have post nasal drip from allergies or a cold

• For snoring, just elevating your head slightly at night helps you get a better flow of air and takes pressure off your airways so you can breathe easier and stop the snoring

• Raising up your legs while you sleep reduces that pressure on your lower back. This also helps with circulation if you have swelling in your feet or legs.

• For people with mobility issues being able to raise your self up and down makes a huge difference!


The Helix Adjustable Base is delivered directly from the manufacturer to your doorstep via our curbside delivery partner. They will get in touch with you and coordinate delivery right to your doorstep after you place your order. Assembly is simple, you just screw on the legs and plug it into the wall, put on your mattress, and you’re good to go!