Why You Should Customize Your Mattress
Buying a mattress can be a daunting activity with so many confusing choices.
Ultimately, you just want to get the best night’s sleep possible, but it’s difficult to know exactly what you need. Should you have a mattress with memory foam? What level of support should you get? How do you know what you like from laying on a mattress for 2 minutes in a store? These are hard questions that you should not have to answer on your own. Instead, we feel it’s important that each and every person get a mattress that is custom matched exactly to their specific needs.
Read below to find out more about why you should customize your mattress!
🤔 Why Is A Custom Mattress Important?
Because you deserve better than generic.
Buying a generic mattress is fine. But you don’t want to settle for fine. In fact, generic one-size-fits-all mattresses only account for 27% of people’s feel preferences. What about the other 73%? By trying to meet the needs of everyone, these mattresses are actually not ideal for anyone. It’s called the myth of average.

Your needs are your specific needs.
You know yourself better than anyone else. And what you know is that you have unique preferences and needs - whether it be your favorite food, the clothing brands that fit the best, or how you like to unwind after a long day.

The same is true for sleep. You know if you sleep on your side. You know if you get too hot at night. And you know if you have back pain in the morning. Finding a mattress that is customized and matched properly to these needs is incredibly important for a good night’s sleep.

You try to customize everything else in your life.
From your clothing style, to the type of coffee you order at your neighborhood cafe, to what TV shows you binge watch after work. The list could go on and on.

Every day you make choices, and these choices build around your unique personality to create your unique life. But there’s one thing that has never been customized before, and that’s your mattress. Why would you want to spend a third of your day on something generic and so off the shelf? Bring your mattress and your sleep up to speed with the rest of your world.
🎨 How Helix Customizes Your Mattress Experience
Our philosophy is predicated on the definition of customize - to modify something to suit a particular individual. It’s all about making changes to the buying experience to ensure you get the perfect product. 
Screenshot of color match quiz, showing 3 illustrations of Plush, Medium, and Firm feel
At Helix, we flip the traditional buying experience on its head so that instead of you blindly choosing a mattress without conviction, we match a mattress directly to you based on your needs and preferences. This experience ensures that you receive the best mattress for you, customized to your needs.

We do this through our Helix Color MATCH Sleep Technology, which is our proprietary sleep match algorithm. You go through our short, 2 minute sleep quiz and answer questions about yourself - your height, weight, sleeping position, and mattress firmness - things you know about yourself.
💭 What Happens When I Customize?
Based on your answers, we match you to an optimized mattress construction with varying densities and materials designed to improve your spinal alignment and thus your sleep quality. When your spine is aligned, the mattress reduces pressure points and cradles your body into a natural position.

Additionally, we take into account the comfort preference at the top of the mattress to give you what you love - soft, medium, or firm. Think more REM cycles, less sleep related pain, and fresher mornings. In fact, people who sleep on a Helix Mattress report a 36% increase in quality of sleep.

This means better, deeper sleep - all at ⅓ the cost of traditional retail.
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