Does my Helix mattress require a support system?
So you’re ready to invest in a new mattress and improve your sleep once and for all. You’ve taken the sleep quiz, you know which Helix model is the perfect fit for you, and you’re all set to place your order. 

But what kind of support do you have prepared for your mattress? Can you just keep using your old box spring once your Helix mattress arrives? 

Unlike a traditional innerspring mattress that includes a more rigid internal design, Helix mattresses are made primarily with various layers of foam. Beneath the foam layers are hundreds (in some sizes, more than a thousand) of individually wrapped steel coils. This hybrid mattress design, as it’s known, requires sturdy support to avoid dipping or sagging in the surface of the mattress. 

This sturdy support is so important, in fact, that it’s required in order to maintain the warranty on your Helix mattress. 

So, let’s take a look at the types of bases and foundations that are required in order to properly support, and maintain the durability, of your new Helix mattress. 
Helix foundation

Helix Foundation

Perhaps our most versatile support base, the Foundation is designed to look and function just like a traditional box spring — except with sturdier support for the foam layers in your new Helix mattress. 

The Helix Foundation is 7.5 inches tall and is designed with flat spruce wood slats and has just under 5 inches of space between each slat. This small amount of space between each slat is essential to maintaining the feel and durability of your mattress. 

The Helix warranty recommends using flat, thick slats beneath your mattress and requires any support system you use to have no more than 5 inches of space between each support slat. The Helix Foundation can be used with any standard metal bed frame and is the perfect option for anyone looking to replace their box spring. 
Helix black frame

Helix Bed Frame

Speaking of Bed Frames! The Helix Bed Frame is made with hardened steel and is designed to provide additional height to your sleeping setup. It will sit at the bottom of your setup and support your Foundation, adding 7.5 inches to your overall bed height. 

Please note, though, that the Helix Bed Frame has gaps of space larger than 5 inches between each support rail and cannot be used alone with your Helix mattress. 
Helix Adjustable Base

Helix Adjustable Base

So we’ve covered some of the standard support systems you can use with your mattress. But what if you’re looking for something a bit more elevated and premium? Maybe you’re interested in an added level of customization in your sleep. 

Enter the Adjustable Base. 

The Helix Adjustable Base provides optimal support for your mattress with a sturdy steel frame and no gaps of space directly beneath the surface of the mattress. On top of incredible support, the Adjustable Base is remote-powered and allows you to find the perfect angle of your head and foot positioning. 

Elevate your head to reduce snoring. Slide into the zero-gravity preset to alleviate lower back pain. Find the perfect elevation for diving into a good book or binging your favorite show. 

The Adjustable Base is 12 inches tall and includes 4 stackable legs, allowing you to adjust your overall bed height in 3 inch increments.

Helix White Wooden Frame

Helix Wood Frame

Last but not least, let’s take a look at the Helix Wood Frame, which offers all the functionality of the Helix Foundation with a touch of the minimalist aesthetic that can complete any bedroom decor. 

The Helix Wood Frame, like the Foundation, uses sturdy wood slats with just under 5 inches of space between each slat to properly support each layer of your mattress. 

The Wood Frame is 13 inches tall and has a tool-free assembly, plus two beautiful wood finish options. 
What bases probably won’t do the job?
Traditional Box Spring
Traditional box springs have accompanied mattresses for decades. But as mattress designs have changed, swapping memory foam comfort layers for interwoven foam, fabric, and steel springs, it’s time to leave the box spring behind. 

Box springs are typically designed with a wood body and layers of interwoven springs to compliment the bounce of your old innerspring mattress. What they don’t provide, though, is the flat, sturdy support that foam comfort layers require. 

Using a box spring with your Helix mattress can quickly result in dipping or sagging in the surface of the mattress. And unfortunately, that box spring can void your mattress warranty, preventing our team from being able to provide a solution should you run into any issues with your mattress down the road.

Grid-Style Metal Bed Frames
Are these budget-friendly bases incredibly lightweight and easy to set up? You bet. But are they the best option for supporting the foam layers in your new mattress? Probably not. 

Support bases with thin crosswires often meet the requirements of having less than 5 inches between each support slat. But without any thick, flat slats to support your mattress, you’re likely to see a breakdown in materials and a softer feel in the surface of the mattress than intended. 

And just like the boxspring, grid-style metal bed frames can void your mattress warranty and leave our team without a solution to offer should you run into issues.

Wait, I heard something about a Bunkie Board?
That’s right! There are some ways to avoid getting rid of your old box spring, and the Bunkie Board is a perfect option. Bunkie Boards are thin, flat surfaces typically made of wood that can sit directly on top of your box spring (directly beneath your mattress) to provide supplemental support and help you comply with the terms of our warranty. 

Bunkie Boards work by essentially filling the gaps of support that box springs do not provide. Bunkie Boards have no gaps in space and will provide the necessary support for the foam layers in your mattress.
Helix Wood Frame
Queen Size
Helix  Frame
Helix Frame
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Helix Foundation
Helix Foundation
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Helix Adjustable Base
Helix Adjustable Base
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Still have questions?
Whether you’re having trouble choosing from our selection of support options or you’re curious to know if your existing support will work well with your Helix, feel free to click here and contact our team. We'll be happy to help right away!