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Do I Need a Foundation for My New Mattress?

While not necessarily essential to making a mattress comfortable, having a mattress foundation will greatly improve the support and durability while protecting it from mold, which is not usually covered under a mattress warranty.


Here we'll go through our two options for mattress foundations, and give some advice on how to find the right fit for your new mattress.

Why Do You Need a Mattress Foundation?

  1. 1. Increases the comfort life of a mattress
  2. Foundations help prevent any natural sagging that can occur in a mattress over an extended period of time.

    2. Creates the optimal height for your bed
  3. Foundations are placed on top of your bed frame and add a bit of height to your mattress which makes it easier to get in and out of bed.

  4. 3. Improve airflow
  5. Foundations lift mattresses off of the ground and help increase circulation of airflow to keep the mattress cooler at night.
    • Helix Foundation

    • The Helix Foundation is designed specifically to work with your Helix Mattress - with wood slats across it no wider than 5” apart to avoid any sagging. The foundation is 7.5” tall and built of birch wood for high-end support. Lastly, our foundation can be built and broken down in only 2 to 3 minutes with no tools.


    Works With: Helix Mattress, Helix Frame

    Does NOT Work With: Helix Adjustable Base

Ready to get started?

      • Helix Adjustable Base

    • Take control of your sleep and relaxation with the Helix Adjustable Base.


    Head up & Foot Up - Total control for optimal comfort for the various activities in your bed such as watching TV. Also helps to reduce snoring.

    Zero Gravity - Simulates weightlessness to alleviate the forces of pressure on your back and spine.

    Memory Settings - Find a position that’s best for you? Your Adjustable Base will remember it for later.

    3D-Wave™ Massage Technology - Provides head and foot massage with three intensity settings.

    Under Bed Lighting - Controlled by your remote to help guide you in the dark.

  • Replaces foundation - Your Helix Mattress sits directly on top of the Adjustable Base; no need for a Foundation

Mattress Foundation FAQs

What are the differences between box springs and foundations?

Box springs do not give foam or hybrid mattresses enough support over a long period of time because they are designed for innerspring mattresses. Foundations are much more durable and reliable for the foam and hybrid mattresses that Helix offers.

Mattress Foundation Alternatives

Boxspring with Bunkie Board

If you’re hoping to use your current box spring, but the slats are more than 5 inches apart, it’s important to use a bunkie board or piece of plywood to provide the proper support to your Helix.  

Platform Bed

Platform beds have picked up popularity in the past few years, and offer the correct support for a Helix or hybrid bed. If your platform bed or bed frame has slats, be sure that they’re not more than 5 inches apart.

What about the floor?

Although the floor will support your Helix, we don’t advise using it as a long-term solution. Your Helix can temporarily sit directly on the floor, but that can lead to mold on the bottom of your mattress over time. If you need it on the floor, prop it up regularly for airflow.

Helix Adjustable Base

If you want more control over your mattress and added support, the Helix Adjustable Base is a great alternative.

Ready to get started?

Helix Foundation

Helix Foundation

Queen Size

Helix Adjustable Base

Helix Adjustable Base

Queen Size

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