The Helix Elite Collection
& Other Premium Brands
Helix Elite Mattress in a bedroom
How does the Helix Elite Collection compare with premium mattresses from other brands?
If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you know one thing immediately: there are a lot of options. 

Of course, buying a mattress has never been more exciting – there are so many ways to find a mattress that fits your unique needs.
But it’s also never been more confusing – there’s so much information to sort through. 

The core of our mission at Helix is to simplify that mattress buying process and the Helix Elite collection is our newest extension of that effort. Below, we’ll explore how the Helix Elite collection compares with other luxury mattresses on the market so you can sidestep that avalanche of information and feel great about your decision.
I’ve heard about mattresses with horse hair.
What’s that about?
At the tip top of every industry, you’ll find luxury products that go above and beyond. The mattress industry is no different. But in that effort to offer the most luxurious product possible, some brands look beyond feel and function and focus instead on exotic offerings. 

Put simply, that’s not us. 

Like we’ve done for years and years with our other mattress collections, the Helix Elite collection is all about helping you enjoy your very best night’s sleep. That means carefully curating layers that each specifically contributes to the comfort, support, and durability of your mattress. 

We’ve passed on flourishes like animal hair in exchange for premium foam selections that are tailored to your specific sleep needs. Our goal is to help you sleep better. Not to merely serve as a conversation starter. 
Helix Elite Mattress in a bedroom
OK, but what about pricing? Luxury mattress pricing seems all over the place.
That’s because it is.

In your search for a new mattress, you’ll find brands offering premium, luxury, high-end sleep with price tags that range from a thousand to many thousands. But it can be hard to know what you’re paying for. How much luxury is the right amount of luxury? How much is too much?

When we started creating the Elite collection, our first step was to build off the success that we’ve enjoyed with the Helix Core and Helix Luxe collections. We’ve learned that our customers love to feel supported while they sleep. They want to be cradled and comforted without being swallowed by their mattress. 

So we took our best-in-class steel coil support system and we added to it with two separate layers of individually wrapped steel microcoils. Both microcoil layers are sandwiched between foam, providing next-level comfort while ensuring long-lasting durability. Each microcoil coil layer also adds airflow to the body of your mattress, helping you sleep cooler than ever before.
How much luxury can you even fit into a box?
Well, it turns out, there’s actually a limit! Shipping a new mattress straight to your door means abiding by the shipping restrictions put in place by our nation’s major carriers. Every bed-in-a-box brand has to work within these size and weight restrictions to get a mattress from their facility to your door. 

Until now. 

With the Helix Elite collection, we’ve unlocked an innovative approach to shipping that allows us to pack in more comfort, more support, and more advanced cooling technology. Rather than arriving at your home in just one box, each Helix Elite mattress is shipped in two separate boxes, with one box carrying your steel support coils and a second box containing your tailored foam and microcoil comfort layers. Bringing these two layers together is as easy as zipping the whole thing up.  

Say goodbye to being held back. Say hello to the truly elevated sleep experience you deserve.