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So, You Matched With The Helix Plus. Is That Your Only Option?

Man laying on Helix Plus mattress on Helix White Wooden Frame

At Helix, we work hard to make your mattress selection easy and effective. Just a few questions about your body type and sleep style and our Sleep Quiz will produce the best match for you.


But you know yourself best. And you might be the kind of person who wants to consider all the different models against what you know works for your unique preferences.


That’s why we want to make sure we explain all the options.

Why Did I Match With The Helix Plus, Anyway?

If your Sleep Quiz results match you with the Helix Plus, it is because you fall into a higher BMI range that means you would enjoy and need the additional support and durability features this mattress model can offer.


The Helix Plus is designed to support plus size sleepers with an enhanced supportive coil base and the layers of ultra-dense high end memory foam and our proprietary Helix Dynamic Foam.


This mattress is great for all sleeping styles because it offers a responsive foam on the surface that will keep you from sinking down into the mattress too much. But with an underlying layer of memory foam, the Helix Plus also offers exceptional contouring and pressure relief for those side sleeping positions.


Bottom line: it’s a best-of-both-worlds model that combines incredible support and comfort into one mattress. 

Layers inside of Helix Plus mattress

But, Please Feel Free To Look Around!

As we mentioned, the Helix Plus is designed with enhanced support and durability. But it’s not the only Helix model with that feature.


In fact, all six of our LUXE mattress models use an upgraded coil base with almost twice as many coils as our standard line. With a denser coil base throughout the mattress, our LUXE models provide a sturdy, supportive feel that can be great for sleepers of any size.


In addition to the extra coil count, each LUXE model uses a firmer coil gauge across the middle section of the mattress where your hips will rest. This Zoned Lumbar Support prevents your hips from sagging and ensures that your spine is in line no matter what sleeping position you prefer.


Both the Helix Luxe and Helix Plus models feature two cover options: our premium TENCEL™ fabric or the cutting-edge GlacioTex Cooling Cover.

The Ultra Breathable TENCEL™ cover is made from environmentally friendly tencel fibers from Eucalyptus trees. The cover is extra soft to the touch and has enhanced breathability to keep you cool. Additionally, the sub-microscopic channels provide best in class moisture wicking.

The GlacioTex Cooling Cover is an upgrade option and uses state-of-the-art fibers with high thermal conductivity to draw heat away from your body while you sleep. Not only does our GlacioTex fabric work to keep heat away from your body while you sleep — it’s actually cool to the touch, giving you instant cooling relief as soon as you lay down.

Helix Midnight Luxe mattress

Helix LUXE


Twin - $1,199, Twin XL - $1,449, Full - $1,799
Queen - $2,099, King - $2,499, CA King - $2,499


Soft, Medium, Firm


13.5” Tall, 6 Layers


Additional Features
Zoned Lumbar Support, Premium Quilted Pillow Top,
Additional Comfort Layers, Breathable TENCEL™ or ugraded GlacioTex Cooling Cover

Helix Plus mattress

Helix Plus


Twin - $949, Twin XL - $1,049, Full - $1,249
Queen - $1,749, King - $2,099, CA King - $2,099


Medium Firm


12.5” Tall, 5 Layers


Additional Features
Ultra Dense Foams, XL Wrapped Coils, Additional Support Layer, Ultra Breathable TENCEL™ or upgraded GlacioTex Cooling Cover

Mix And Match For Your Sleep Style

With six different models ranging from soft as a cloud to firm as a board, the LUXE lineup gives you the chance to match your preferred sleeping position with the model that best fits your needs. If you’re not sure that the Helix Plus is right for you, we encourage you to check out the LUXE lineup to find the best mattress that meets your needs and preferences.

Helix Luxe mattress models

Still Have Questions? We're Here To Help

We know how overwhelming it can be to sift through each mattress model and come to a final decision. If you have any questions for us about the difference between the Helix Plus and Helix LUXE lineup, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


We’ll be happy to talk you through it!