Helix Luxe & Helix Elite
How does the Helix Elite lineup compare with Helix Luxe mattresses?

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Helix Elite Mattress in a bedroom
Maybe you’re a side sleeper who occasionally tosses and turns. You sometimes suffer from back pain and you’re looking for a medium feel with targeted pressure relief. Your likely Sleep Quiz match: our award-winning Midnight Luxe mattress.

But maybe you’re also interested in an extra touch of luxury. Perhaps you’re ready to invest in your sleep quality, so the Midnight Elite mattress catches your eye. 

Let’s take a look at the differences between the two collections and what makes both Luxe and Elite mattresses so great.
Comparing Comfort Layers

The Luxe Collection

The Luxe collection has long been our most popular upgrade option because of the way each Luxe mattress builds off of its Core collection counterpart. The Midnight Luxe, for example, takes the medium-feel memory foam design from the Helix Midnight mattress to the next level with the addition of a copper gel memory foam layer. 

Each Luxe collection mattress also includes the addition of a 1-inch plush pillow top, making them two full inches taller than Core collection models, at 13.5 inches.
Helix Elite Mattress Close-up
The Elite Collection
Naturally, we built the Elite collection with even more contouring comfort. 

The Midnight Elite, like all Elite collection models, is built with a two-inch quilted foam pillow top and two microcoil comfort layers sandwiched between high-density foam comfort layers. Elite models are 2.5 inches taller than Luxe models, totaling 16 inches.
So, What About Support?
The Luxe Collection
When we introduced the Luxe collection years ago, one of our primary goals was to upgrade the support you feel, compared with the Core collection. So we introduced the zoned lumbar support system. By using reinforced steel coils across the middle of each Luxe mattress, designed to align with your hips in all sleeping positions, the sturdier coils ensured your hips never sagged and your spine stayed in line. 
Helix Midnight Elite Mattress layers render
The Elite Collection
Each Elite mattress relies on hundreds of individually wrapped steel coils, including zoned lumbar support and reinforced coils around the entire perimeter of the mattress, to support sleepers of any size. 

But in the Elite collection, we looked beyond just our steel coil support system to cradle your body. Each Elite mattress also includes two layers of high-density foams layers that are dedicated to offering targeted support. These two layers of foam are strategically placed in the body of each Elite mattress to pair with our foam and microcoil comfort layers, taking your sleep experience to the next level. 
What's The Difference In Cooling?
The Luxe Collection
Cooling has been scientifically proven to improve sleep quality. Our body temperatures slowly decrease throughout the night, helping our minds and our muscles rest. 

But it doesn't take much to disrupt that rest. 

That’s why we introduced our GlacioTex™ cooling fibers across the Core and Luxe mattress collections.
Helix Elite Mattress Cooling Material Texture
The Elite Collection
Unlike the Helix Core and Luxe collections, where GlacioTex™ is offered as an upgrade feature, the Helix Elite Collection includes advanced cooling technology, known as GlacioTex™ Elite, at no additional cost. 

This phase-change fabric takes the cooling benefits of GlacioTex™ to the next level with a cool-to-the-touch feel and an even more effective transfer of heat away from your body while you sleep. GlacioTex™ Elite offers essential temperature regulation to help you stay cooler and sleep deeper than ever before.
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