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Spring Into Bed Sale! Up to $200 OFF + 2 FREE Dream Pillows - Free, No Contact Delivery!

Up to $200 OFF + 2 Free Pillows!


What Should I Expect After I Order?

It’s important you know exactly what to expect after you order your new Helix Mattress so you can rest easy before you rest better!

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  • Delivery

  • All Helix products ship for free in the US! We offer free, safe no-contact delivery. After your order is placed you will receive a standard confirmation email which outlines the products in your order. Please note that in order to maintain our low prices and high quality, our products ship separately oftentimes from different manufacturers. For our mattresses, you can expect the following shipping times:

• Helix Standard: 1-2 Weeks

• Helix LUXE: 1-2 Weeks

A couple moving their new Helix Mattress box

Ready to get started?

A couple unpacking their new Helix Mattress from the box
  • Setup
    Once your new Helix Mattress arrives, please bring it into the bedroom before opening it! Please note that depending on the size, your new mattress could weigh between 50 and 145 lbs.

  • You can follow the instructions in the box. We recommend you do not keep your Helix Mattress roll packed in its original packaging for more than 2 weeks.

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  • First 30 Nights, Adjustment Period.

  • Many customers find that there is an adjustment period during the first few weeks with your Helix Mattress. This is common for all new mattresses as you get used to sleeping on something new. Keep in mind, your Helix Mattress is like a new pair of shoes. It will take a bit of breaking in.

We encourage you to trust the science and give your new Helix Mattress a chance. That’s why we require you to keep your mattress for 30 nights to adjust to the break-in period.

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    • Feel Adjustments


      If the feel of your mattress isn’t quite right, you can reach out to our Customer Experience Team and they will be able to send you a free additional comfort layer to either make the mattress feel softer or firmer depending on your preference! We find that these small changes help the vast majority of customers who aren’t fully satisfied.


      You are free to request a feel adjustment anytime during the 100 Night Sleep Trial, including during the first 30 nights.

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  • 100 Night Trial

Our goal is to make sure you are sleeping so well you won’t even know the 100 Night Sleep Trial is over! But if you find that you’re unhappy with your Helix for any reason, you can reach out to our Customer Experience Team after 30 Nights to initiate the simple return process. They’ll walk you through each step and arrange mattress pick up and full refund.


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