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The Break-In Breakdown



So, you’ve just awoken from your first night’s sleep on your brand new Helix mattress, and you’re a little confused. You thought you ordered a soft mattress, but this feels a little firm. Maybe you have some soreness at your shoulders or in your back. This wasn’t what you were expecting; did you receive the incorrect mattress?


“The first few days, I felt it was a bit firm, but I was used to sleeping without support for my body. After a few days or weeks, you will really notice a difference, Just give it a month and you’ll be glad you did.” - Joyce R



  • Whenever you move to a new sleep system, there is always a period of adjustment. The severity of the discomfort depends on your old mattress. If you are used to sleeping on an old, sagging mattress, over time your body will adapt to the dips and drops in the mattress. Then, when you sleep on a new mattress with optimized support, your back needs a bit of time to adjust to the new alignment and some discomfort may occur. Sort of like how it feels to straighten your back after slouching for awhile. See the image below for an example:

Impact of mattress break in period on the body
  • You may also notice that your mattress feels firmer than you were expecting. This can be especially confusing if you ordered one of our softer models, like the Sunset or Moonlight, but don’t worry! You got the right mattress.


    Because our foams are cut fresh to every order, they will feel fairly firm and a little stiff for the first few weeks of use. With some patience and regular use, the foams will soften over 3-4 weeks and any pressure point or firmness issues should subside.


    The break-in period can vary in length and severity, depending on your needs and your old mattress. For some, the adjustment period only lasts a few days, while others need the entire 30 day period.


    Because of the break-in, we do require that you try the mattress for at least 30 days before requesting a return. Think of it like a new pair of leather shoes. However, if you are experiencing a lot of discomfort, let us know and we can send out a complimentary extra layer to help with any issues you may be experiencing.

    With a bit of patience and time, you’ll soon be getting the fabulous, restful night’s sleep you deserve! If you have any other questions or want to chat further about the break-in period, send and email to and our sleep specialists are happy to help.


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