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The ErgoAlign Layer - Ideal For Back Pain

If you’re someone who wakes most mornings feeling tightness and discomfort in your lower back, there’s a good chance you’re not getting the necessary support from your mattress. In most cases, that lack of support is causing your hips to sag into the surface of the mattress and creating tension at your spine and lower back.

Some sleepers deal with the pain. Others seek out ultra-firm mattress models that prevent you from sinking into the mattress at all, but might not be comfortable.

At Helix, we’ve created the ErgoAlign Layer.

This innovative design is a zoned top layer which features a segment of ultra-dense foam beneath your midsection to provide additional support and pressure relief where you need it, while the bottom and top sections follow the natural contours of your body. The result is an alignment structure ideal for reducing stress points and helping to provide a better night's sleep.

The ErgoAlign Layer is available as an optional upgrade to all mattresses in the Luxe Collection. When you add the ErgoAlign Layer to your new mattress, you’ll enjoy increased support where you need it most and additional pressure relief in all sleeping positions.

And don’t forget! Every Helix Luxe mattress includes a premium pillow top, 3 layers of high-density foam, and up to 1,000 individually wrapped steel coils with our advanced zoned lumbar support. Simply add the ErgoAlign Layer to your Luxe mattress for targeted support and deeper, more restorative sleep.

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*Disclaimer: The ErgoAlign Layer is ideal for lower back pain, but should not be considered a medical solution to alleviate or manage pain. Please consult a doctor for back pain management.