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Choose between 2 external built-in cover options to find the comfort and temperature regulation that works best for you.

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What’s The Cooling Pillow Top Upgrade? Is it Right For Me?

Finding the perfect mattress for your sleep style can be challenging. You’re weighing your preferred firmness level against how much pressure relief you need. You’re considering how cool you might sleep on your new mattress and how important cooling is to you.

The Helix mattress lineup is designed to help you find the very best mattress for your unique sleep style and preferences. And we’re offering a range of mattress features, models, and upgrade options that allow you to find the perfect fit.

For our most popular upgrade option, explore the Luxe Collection with zoned lumbar support and premium foam comfort layers. For a touch of extra luxury, shop the Elite Collection with a two-inch plush pillow top, dual micro coil comfort layers, and our most advanced support system.

But if your search is focused on the high-value Helix Core Collection, you’ll still enjoy multiple upgrade options that allow you to prioritize the things that mattress most for your best night’s sleep.

In all 6 Core Collection mattresses as well as the Helix Plus Mattress, shoppers can choose between two external cover options: the Breathe Knit or TENCEL™ Cover and the GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover + Pillow Top.

Included with your purchase

  • Breathe Knit (Core Collection)
  • TENCEL™ (Helix Plus)

Available upgrades

  • GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover + Pillow Top

Let’s take a look at the differences

Breathe Knit & TENCEL™ Cover

Helix Core Collection mattresses are designed with a lightweight Breathe Knit fabric that’s designed to promote airflow through the surface of the mattress and prevent heat from being trapped.

The Helix Plus mattress is made with a hypoallergenic TENCEL™ cover with a smooth, soft feel and excellent breathability.

Both options offer a breathable feel on the surface of your mattress. But if you’re someone who prioritizes a cool night’s sleep, maybe it's worth considering our upgrade options for a bit more cooling.

GlacioTex Pillow Top material closeup

GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover + Pillow Top

Our best-in-class cooling and comfort. The GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover + Pillow Top is available on all 6 Helix Core Collection mattresses as well as the Helix Plus mattress. 

This 2-inch plush topper brings together next-level cooling comfort with an extra layer of pillow top comfort. You’ll enjoy the cradling pressure-relieving comfort that you’d expect only from a luxury hotel suite. 

The GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover + Pillow Top adds two inches in total height to your mattress and because it leverages our cutting-edge GlacioTex™ fabric, it is hypoallergenic and can be spot cleaned.

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