Helix Elite Mattress
Why are Helix Elite mattresses so tall?
One of the first things you’ll notice about the Helix Elite Collection, in comparison with the other mattresses we offer, is the extensive number of layers each Elite mattress contains. Rather than relying on 2-3 comfort layers and pairing them with a steel coil base for support, we have expanded the mattresses in our Elite Collection to include 5 carefully curated foam layers, 2 separate microcoil layers, and our premium zoned lumbar support system.

It makes for a pretty tall mattress – 16 inches, in fact.

And if we’re being honest, that was the point. Helix Elite is a celebration of our innovative approach to mattress design and a commitment to offering a luxury sleep experience. We’ve spared no feature, left no consideration unexplored. So let’s take a look at what goes into our tallest, most luxurious mattress collection. 
Elite Render Layer

Premium Cooling Pillow Top - 2 inches

For years, there was nothing like traveling and staying in a luxury hotel where you knew you would be treated to a premium mattress with a plush feel as soon as you lay down. Today, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a premium pillow top mattress in your own home. In fact, the Helix Luxe Collection led the charge.

The Elite Collection builds on the premium feel of the Luxe pillow top design, doubling the pillow top from a 1-inch thickness to 2 inches. This quilted foam design cradles your body in any sleeping position and offers unmatched comfort. 

Plus, don’t forget that every Elite mattress includes our advanced GlacioTex™+ cooling fabric on the surface of the premium cooling pillow top. 
Elite Render Layer

Tailored Comfort Layers - 2 inches

We mentioned that each Elite mattress includes 5 distinct foam layers. But not all foam layers are made the same. In this collection, each foam layer serves a specific purpose, coming together to achieve the intended feel and firmness of all 6 Elite mattress models. 

In our Elite mattress designs, the top two foam layers are carefully selected to provide the best comfort according to your sleep position and preferences. Whether it’s the Moonlight Elite mattress where we’re targeting a soft, responsive feel for stomach and back sleepers or it’s the Twilight Elite where the goal is a firm, pressure-relieving feel for side sleepers, these top 2 comfort layers are essential to make it happen.
Elite Render Layer

Microcoil Comfort Layers - 1 inch total

Unlike other Helix mattresses, where individually wrapped steel coils are limited to the base of the mattress and serve the purpose of supporting your body while you sleep, the Elite collection upgrades comfort and cushioning with two layers of ½ inch tall microcoils that cradle your body and enhance the overall feel of these luxury mattresses. 

These microcoils further reduce motion transfer across the surface of the mattress and greatly improve the durability of the design, helping you enjoy exceptional comfort for years to come. 
Elite Render Layer

Foam Support Layers - 2.5 inches

You might think about foam layers as a comfort feature - a soft, squishy material that our body sinks into when we lie down. But when you’re using high-density foam, these layers can be so much more than just comfort. 

In the Elite collection, we’ve included 2 layers of support foam and a separate foam transition layer, each selected as a supplement to the support you’ll feel in the base of the mattress. These foam support layers ensure sleepers can enjoy their intended firmness level without feeling trapped or stuck in the surface of the mattress. 
Elite Render Layer

Zoned Lumbar Support - 8 inches

The base of each Elite collection mattress is the element that brings it all together. We’ve chosen a zoned steel coil support system that includes reinforced steel coils around the full perimeter of the mattress. 

These individually wrapped steel coils cradle your body and your hips and shoulders, allowing your spine to stay in line in any sleeping position. And with a durable steel design, the zoned lumbar support system helps maintain the structure of your mattress night after night. 

In addition to support and durability, our steel coil base also assists in keeping you cool while you sleep. With 8 inches of space beneath the foam layers, our Elite mattresses generate outstanding airflow through the bottom of the mattress, ensuring heat never gets trapped in the body of your mattress. 
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