Why Is The Kids Mattress So Awesome?
If you’re a parent, you know rule number one when considering a purchase for your child: never spend too much on something they’re just going to outgrow. And let’s face it, buying a new mattress is a serious investment. That’s why we want to make sure you and your child get the very most out of it.

The Helix Kids Mattress is built to grow with your child, using a flippable design to offer firmer support for young kids and a softer, plusher feel once they’re a bit older. We’re also giving you peace of mind with a durable hybrid construction (meaning the internal construction includes both springs and layers of foam) and certified safe materials that are free from any harmful chemicals. This mattress also has added kid-friendly features built into the breathable hypoallergenic cover, like an eco-friendly water-repellent and antimicrobial shield. It’s everything you and your child have ever dreamed of.
🥞 Flipping Awesome Foams
The Helix Kids Mattress is specifically designed to provide support and comfort for young children to enjoy as they grow, their bodies develop, and their sleep preferences shift. We offer two distinct foam feels in one flippable mattress in addition to internal steel coils that maximize durability.

We offer a firmer feel with optimal spinal support for younger kids in the estimated age range of 3-7. Or just flip it over and enjoy a bit more plush comfort and pressure relief for growing kids in the estimated age range of 8-12.

👊 Durable Design
Just like the rest of the Helix mattress lineup, the Helix Kids Mattress is built to last with durable steel coils providing incredible support on both sides. Our steel coils not only provide great support and comfort but also ensure each mattress is durable and designed to stand up to everyday use.

Each coil in the Helix Kids Mattress is individually wrapped to cut down on motion transfer and also promote airflow through the body of your mattress, helping your child stay cool while they sleep.

For added safety and to maintain the structure of the mattress, we’ve added reinforced springs along the 2 lengthwise sides. This edge support prevents drooping and helps keep kids safely in bed.

Every Helix Kids Mattress comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty which guards against dipping or sagging of more than 1-inch in the surface of the mattress when used with the proper support system.

🌱 Chemical Free and Naturally Hypoallergenic
The Helix Kids Mattress is designed with the highest quality materials that are certified to keep you and your child safe. The Helix Kids Mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, ensuring it is designed without the use of harmful chemicals including ozone depleters. Your mattress will also be lead and phosphate tested, dual flammability tested, and even includes a RUCO®-DRY DWR finish to provide cutting-edge liquid and stain repellence.

Plus, the Helix Kids Mattress has a soft, breathable TENCEL™ cover that is cool to the touch and naturally hypoallergenic. Each mattress also includes an AEGIS® Microbe Shield treatment to deactivate microorganisms and offer guaranteed coverage that is safe for you, safe for your child and safe for the environment.
Helix Kids mattress with illustrated stickers
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