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Why Are There Two Sides To The Helix Kids Mattress?
If there’s one thing you’re looking for in your child’s new mattress, it’s durability, right? You want a long-term sleep solution for your child — even as they grow. 

Well, we’ve got you covered.
The Helix Kids Mattress is optimized to provide support and comfort for young children to enjoy as they grow and their sleep preferences change. We offer two distinct foam feels in one flippable mattress in addition to internal steel coils that maximize durability. 

So, how does it work and how do you know which side is best at each age? Let’s take a look at the Helix Kids design and what you can expect.
Helix Kids Mattress with Illustrated stickers
Firmer Side (Ages 3-7)
For young children, spinal support is essential as they sleep. Rather than the plush feel most adults might be looking for, young children benefit from sleeping more on top of the mattress with a boost of extra support for their bodies.
The Helix Kids Mattress uses a dynamic Helix Responsive Foam in the surface of the firmer side to provide a responsive (bouncy) foam feel that will prevent your child from sinking into the mattress too far. This firmer Helix Responsive Foam layer has a firmness in the range of 6-7 (with 10 being the firmest.)

Softer Side (Ages 8-12)
As your child grows, though, they’re going to be looking for a little more plush pressure relief. When they’re ready for a change, just flip it over and you’ve got a whole new feel.
The softer side of the Helix Kids Mattress is designed with a memory foam layer that will hug your child’s body a bit more and allow for just enough sink into the surface of the mattress. Our memory foam comfort layer will offer a firmness in the range of 4-5. Your child will enjoy a bit more contouring from the plush memory foam feel without sinking in so much that they feel stuck.
🙃 When should I flip the mattress?
There’s no doubt that no two kids are the same. So when it comes to your Helix Kids Mattress, we recommend just playing it by ear. Our guidelines on the appropriate ages for the softer and firmer sides of the mattress are just that — a guideline for when you can think about flipping over your Helix Kids Mattress.

But as your child grows, feel free to experiment with each side as needed. You’re welcome to flip your Helix Kids Mattress as many times as you’d like as your child’s sleep preferences develop. We’re happy to provide suggestions on the best firmness at each age and we always recommend consulting with your child’s pediatrician or a sleep specialist for guidance.

Ultimately, though, you and your child will know best.

Oh, and don’t forget! You can always flip your Helix Kids Mattress back over and start again when your child outgrows their bed and a younger sibling is ready to give it a try!
Do you or your child still have a few questions?
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