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Helix Adjustable Base

Adjustable Base

For King buy 2 King Half Bases.
For CA King buy 2 CA King Half Bases.

  • Twin XL (Out of Stock)
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King Half (Out of Stock)
  • CAK Half
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Ships in 1-4 weeks

Ships in 1-4 weeks

Ships in 1-4 weeks

Ships in 1-4 weeks

Ships in 1-4 weeks

No trial period. Returns only if packaging is unopened.

Adjustable Base

  • Zero Gravity & Memory Settings

    Simulate weightlessness and alleviate the forces of pressure on your back and spine. That means less pain and more comfortable nights. 

  • Head Up & Foot Up Adjustability

    Total control for optimal comfort. Great for everything from reading or watching TV in bed to reduce snoring.

  • Built-In Massage Technology

    Three intensity level settings and timer for head and foot massage to relax you in bed.




    Up to 20 Year
    Limited Warranty

    Trial Period

    Adjustable Base
    Adjustable Base
    Adjustable Base
    Adjustable Base
    Adjustable Base
    Adjustable Base
    Adjustable Base
    Adjustable Base
    Adjustable Base
    Adjustable Base

    Adjustable Base Product Specs

    • Size
    • Materials
    • Shipping
    • Warranty


    • Sized to standard mattress sizes
    • Add 2 King Half Bases to cart for a King Size.
      Add 2 CAK Half Bases to cart for CA King Size.
    • 2" slim-profile foundation style base
    • 2" diameter and 12" 4-in-1 stackable legs for adjusting height


    • Carbon Steel
    • Injection Molded ABS Plastic
    • Upholstery Fabric - Polyester & PVC mesh
    • Foam - EPE (Expanded Polyethylene)
    • Motors
    • Electronics

    Shipping Info

    • Free delivery via FedEx in the United States directly from our warehouse. King & Cal Kings will be shipped and delivered in 2 separate boxes. For a King, it will arrive as two King Halfs and the Cal King as two CAK Halfs.

    Returns & Warranty

    • Due to the nature of this product, there is no trial period. Free return offered if packaging is unopened.
    • Up to 20-year Limited Warranty. Learn More

    Why an Adjustable Base?

    An adjustable base is about making your bedroom your own. You spend ⅓ of your life in bed - whether you’re sleeping, reading, watching TV, or just relaxing. It’s important to make all those moments as comfortable as possible.

    Common Questions About Adjustable Bases

    How difficult is setup?

    Setup is simple and quick! We do suggest you have at least two people involved in moving and setting up the Adjustable Base as it can be heavy.

    Who makes the Adjustable Base?

    The Adjustable Base is made by our manufacturing partner, Ergomotion. They are known for top quality electronics and best in class adjustable base options.

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