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Customer Reviews.
See what our customers are saying about Helix.
  • D
    • Dennis H. Anonymous
    • 2/17/17
    Finally, A Mattress We Can Really Sleep On
    We are side sleepers who have struggled for several years to find a mattress which does not wake us in the middle if the night with hip,pain. Helix customized mattress is wonderful. Great customer service, and very competitive cost were a welcome bonus.
  • L
    • Lynn K. Anonymous
    • 2/17/17
    Takes awhile to break in
    Takes awhile to break in but I love it!
  • C
    • Colin S. Anonymous
    • 2/16/17
    Very comfortable
    Great value. Love the product highly recommended.
  • D
    • Debra P. Anonymous
    • 2/16/17
    Best customer service ever!
    Did a lot of research before ordering. Had read that the customer service could not be beat with Helix, and it is true. The mattress arrived on time and in excellent shape no odor and could sleep on it that night. Wanted to love the mattress but it is just to firm for us. The return process has been simple so far, love this company!
  • J
    • John A. Anonymous
    • 2/16/17
    Great company and service. The
    Great company and service. The bed was just not right for me.
  • J
    • Jerri L. Anonymous
    • 2/16/17
    Great find!
    I actually win this in a sweepstakes and gave it to my son who was sleeping on an old futon. He has enjoyed this mattress and it has been super durable and comfortable and he loves it!! I give it two thumbs up!
  • R
    • Richard M. Anonymous
    • 2/16/17
    best mattress
    This the best mattress I have ever slept on. I promise you will get a full night sleep the first time you sleep on it.
  • K
    • Ken S. Anonymous
    • 2/15/17
    Great mattress
    First time in years I get a full nights sleep without waking up. I have back problems and this mattress is more than I could hope for.
  • S
    • Song K. Verified Buyer
    • 2/15/17
    I'm in love with my mattress
    Prior to ordering my Helix mattress, I slept in a Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme mattress. But that mattress was a full, and I wanted to get a bigger size without spending another $2000. I was hesitant about ordering something online without having tried it (especially since Helix is still pretty new and there aren't as many reviews as there as some other companies), but the 100 day guarantee convinced me to try it. And boy was that one fo the best decisions I ever made. I absolutely love my mattress. I got the mattress about a week after ordering it. When I took it out of the box, I started to worry again. There was no way a comfortable queen size mattress could be compressed so small. "Oh god what have I done this look flimsy af" But after opening the package and letting it rise (like bread!) for a couple of hours, we were in business. I have literally never slept so well!! The mattress has perfect thermo-regulation. And the combination of memory foam and springs is perfect. I have a lot of hip and back problems (which always worsened when I'd sleep if the mattress was too soft/firm or whenever I would sleep on my side. But not anymore! I wake up every morning from a deep, comfortable sleep without any pain. I really cannot stress how much I love this mattress. I've been recommending it to all of my friends. Thank you Helix so much for this mattress! I had no idea what my ideal mattress was but your algorithm figured it out for me. :)
  • G
    • Grant W. Anonymous
    • 2/15/17
    Getting great sleep!
    Great mattress and getting better sleep! Would order from helix again.
  • “The Helix Mattress is by far the best mattress we have ever had.”

    Candy and Wes D
    Hephzibah, GA
  • “The Helix mattress is, no exaggeration, the best mattress either of us have slept on.”

    Jesse F
    Monticello, NY
  • “After doing a lot of research, I found Helix to be our best bet. We've been sleeping on the bed for a couple months now and we LOVE it!”

    Laurel S
    Fort Worth, TX
  • “It is perfect for us and we both agree that we have never slept better. Seriously people, ya'll did a good job. Thank you.”

    Cody H
    Boerne, TX
  • “This is the best purchase we have made in years...thrilled to wake up rested and feeling good!”

    Anna C
    Eagle River, AK
  • “I can't believe how much I love this bed. I didn't even realize it until I had to sleep in a different bed over the holidays.”

    Lauri R
    Lexington, KY
  • “I'm so happy I went with Helix, I sleep great at night and my back feels great. I feel very luck to have found Helix. Thank You.”

    Marsha C
    Corrales, NM
  • “After doing alot of research, I found Helix to be our best bet. We've been sleeping on the bed for a couple months now and we LOVE it!”

    Laurel S
    Fort Worth, TX
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