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Customer Reviews.
See what our customers are saying about Helix.
  • R
    • Robert L. Verified Buyer
    • 5/25/17
    The best sleep ever I
    The best sleep ever I have had three back surgery and this mattress was the best thing I ever i ever purchased Thank You
  • E
    • Enola P. Verified Buyer
    • 5/25/17
    New mattress
    My husband and I are pleased with our mattress. It has reduced my shoulder and back pain considerably. It did take some adjustment time because it has a softer feel but does support well when sleeping. I have recommended to several friends.
  • N
    • Nathan B. Verified Buyer
    • 5/24/17
    Amazing New Queen Bed
    This is most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. Very well balanced!
  • B
    • Blair A. Verified Buyer
    • 5/23/17
    We love it!
    We're sleeping soundly on our new Helix mattress! This is a great bed for us. Many, many naps are in our future.
  • J
    • Jennifer K. Verified Buyer
    • 5/23/17
    Love it!!
    Very comfortable. A little pricey but overall we couldnt ask for a better mattress.
  • M
    • Michael W. Verified Buyer
    • 5/23/17
    Very happy with this bed
    We had been searching for a bed for a long time. Our existing mattress was a traditional box spring that created no end of problems for us. Between neck and back pain and constantly waking up because of motion transfer due to the spring design of the mattress, we badly needed a better mattress. We went to every mattress store and department store and discount store selling mattresses in our area, searched online, tried the Sleep Number bed store, researched custom mattresses and everything in between, but ran into several show-stopping problems. The first was cost. Going to any store for a mattress guarantees paying at least double and probably triple what the mattress you are buying is worth. Consequently this normally means that, given budgetary limitations, people are forced to buy a cheaper quality mattress just so they don't spend too much. This perpetuates the problem that sent you to the mattress store in the first place: you weren't sleeping well and were having problems because of your mattress. The second problem we were having was that we didn't know what type of mattress we needed. After experimenting at all the stores we went to we found the type of mattress that fit us best. This type of mattress would normally have cost about $3,000 in the store, but at Helix we could design a mattress that fit our needs and get it at a price that was far below what we would have had to pay at a store. Since we've gotten the mattress, we have seen marked improvement in the areas that we were previously have problems. We no longer have the issue of motion transfer, our back problems have gone away and we are sleeping better. There was a lot of apprehension that went into purchasing a mattress online, but the reviews of this product and the return policy convinced us to try it out. That and the price couldn't be beaten. The ordering process is simple, the delivery was pain-free (no staying at home to wait for delivery of a store-bought mattress, etc.). We are very happy with the purchase and are selling our original mattress. Here's what my wife has to say about it: For afew reasons my husband and I decided to get this mattress. The first reason was because of a neck injury from sky diving I sustained. On our previous mattress I would wake up with serious muscle spasms and woke up in pain. The second reason is that I am very light sleeper and would wake up every time my husband moved around on the bed. It was was really disturbing because I would wake up a few times through night and unable to go back to sleep. Four years of this frustration we finally decided to go mattress shopping. When we went shopping, we found the hybrid beds were best for motion isolation and also best for back support. We wanted some foam but not a completely foam bed like TempurPedic. Hybrids have some metal micro-coils in between the layers of foam which made it just perfect for for us. We found that the Americana brand mattresses found in the stores were the most similar (but still inferior) mattress to those made by Helix. The prices for Americana were expensive and we wanted something affordable, though. We researched online and decided to go ahead and custom and make it to fit our needs. First night on our new mattress from Helix, it was awkward changing to new bed but I have found that I really like this bed. I sleep peacefully without feeling my husband moving so much through the night and also have not woken up with neck spams since. This is is best sleep I have had in long time from this mattress, I'm glad my husband found this online and decided to do this!
  • P
    • Phyllis L. Verified Buyer
    • 5/23/17
    Best sleep ever
    I slept well from the first night, best investment I ever made
  • M
    • Michael A. Verified Buyer
    • 5/22/17
    I Felt Like Goldilocks--Helix Rocks!
    Let's start with this--I'm a 230 lbs man. In the past, the mattresses my wife and I bought were more expensive and way too soft for my liking. Why would I settle for soft? Simple, because that's what the wife wanted and she ALWAYS wins. She let's my have my little victories from time to time, but no big decision is made without her approval. While in the market for a new mattress, I found a reasonably priced solution that would give my wife what she wanted, soft, and give me a more firm choice. The Helix was the first I've heard of for customized mattress for him/her, him/him, her/her, or any other combination. After reading through reviews, I was hesitant to order. Some people had a bad experience with the mattress or with customer service, but a majority of people were pleased with the company and product. What if we didn't like the mattress? What if my side was too firm? What if my wife's side was not soft enough? What if the return process was too difficult? I decided (with my wife's permission) to give Helix a shot. The mattress came in fairly quickly. I tried my wife's side of the bed--way to soft. I then rolled over to my side--too firm? After my first night's rest, I realized the mattress was exactly what
  • H
    • Heaven Verified Reviewer
    • 5/22/17
    We got ours in mid April. My husband really does not like the mattress and I can't say that I love it. We had really built up the mattress that we'd be sleeping on complete luxury. Love the concept of being able to build your own mattress but I don't know where we went wrong on building ours because it's too firm and not cool enough. It's not much of an upgrade from our previous mattress other than we went from queen to king. We're still deciding if we are going to return it or not.
  • M
    • Mateo P. Verified Buyer
    • 5/22/17
    Amazing Mattress!
    My wife and I took the Helix sleep quiz before ordering, and we are SO happy with our new mattress. It feels like sleeping on a fluffy cloud, but with the perfect support in all the right places. Definitely enjoying a better night’s sleep lately - no tossing/turning or waking up with random aches. Highly recommend! Thanks Helix!
Helix Sleep Quiz
In order to build your very own customized Helix Mattress, we need to learn a little bit more about you. It usually only takes a few minutes, and all of your answers will be kept confidential.
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