A Personalized Mattress.

Why personalize?

Because the best mattress is one that’s made for your specific sleep needs and preferences. In fact, Helix customers have reported a 36% improvement in reported sleep quality after switching to a customized bed.

How do we personalize?

Using your Sleep Quiz results, we design your ideal bed by varying the densities and order of the layers in your Helix Mattress. This lets us give you the best feel, support, temperature regulation, and point elasticity based on your needs.


A hybrid mattress is a dream comfort team that knows how to work together. Don’t settle for one type of material when you can have a complementary mix of three.

Helix Dynamic Foam

Supremely contouring and reactively comfortable. Helix’s proprietary cool sleeping foam.

Pocketed Microcoils

Individually pocketed coils, optimized for pressure relief, improved airflow, and reduced transfer of motion.

High-Grade Polyfoam

Varying densities and high quality allow us to get specific with personalization.

“It had the right feel, I didn’t get hot, and five hours of sleep on this mattress felt like seven.”

“Normally I wake-up with a bit of lower back and left knee pain. Not this time. I truly felt invigorated too.”


Couples Solutions

We offer two distinct options to fit with both of your sleep styles.

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Blended Mattress

We take the combination of both for your individual results to create a happy medium across the whole mattress. Good for couples who have similar support needs and feel preferences, or want a consistent bed.

Dual Comfort Mattress

We take each of your results and individually personalize each side, splitting the mattress down the middle. Good for couples with different support needs and feel preferences.





“Best investment I’ve made, I love sleeping on my Helix.”

Larry M.

Stafford, VA

“Since I got my Helix, sleep has been pain free and wonderful. I highly recommend it. ”

Carolee O.

Wayne, NJ

“The Helix Mattress is the perfect mix of my desired qualities with my partner’s.”

Molly C.

Jersey City, NJ

“The personalization is the coolest thing. My wife and I just love our mattress.”

Lawrence B.

Lincoln Park, MI

“Such a great mattress. It’s a keeper. Can’t sleep the same on any other mattress.”

Josh W.

Fayetteville, NC

“You will melt into this bed and never want to get out!”

Kris N.

Prairie City, IA



Your Helix Mattress will arrive at your doorstep gently compressed and rolled in a box about the size of a golf bag. Because your mattress is made to order it’ll take 6-10 business days to get to you. Oh, and shipping is totally free.



If you’re not happy, returns are simple and seamless within the first 100 nights. We pick up the mattress (don’t worry about getting it back in the box), donate where possible, and issue a full refund.


Your Helix Foundation.

Strong, sturdy, reliable, and built specifically for your Helix Mattress.


100 Night Sleep Trial


5 Year Warranty

Made in the USA