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Our mattresses have been independently reviewed against hundreds of competitors. Time and time again we come out on top. Personalized sleep truly is better sleep.

Best Overall Mattress 2021

Best Overall Mattress 2021

Best Overall Mattress 2021

Best For Side Sleepers 2021

Featured For Plus Size 2021

"Best Hybrid Mattresses - Best Value"
"Best Mattress For Back Pain - Spine Alignment"
"Best Cooling Mattresses - For Hot Sleepers"
"Best Mattress For Couples - Custom Hybrid"

Doctor Recommended

Helix has been recommended by multiple leading doctors of Sleep Medicine, Psychology, and Neurobiology as a go to solution for improving sleep.

Photo of Dr. Lulu Guo, Doctor of Sleep Medicine

"Helix offers different options to give great support regardless of what position you sleep. The materials used also help prevent overheating during the night."

Dr. Lulu Guo

Doctor of Sleep Medicine

Photo for Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman Ph.D. Psychologist and Host of The Psychology Podcast

"In the past few years, I've been on a search for the perfect mattress. And let me tell you, I've gone through so many mattresses. I had no idea what it feels like to be well rested until I tried a Helix Mattress."

Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman

Ph.D. Psychologist and Host of The Psychology Podcast

Photo of Dr. Paul Saladino Best Selling Author, Leading Wellness Expert & Licensed Physician

"Throw away that saggy old mattress, throw away that mattress that's not built for you and get a mattress that's actually going to help you sleep better. Helix has got to be one of the best mattresses, if not the best mattress I've ever slept on."

Dr. Paul Saladino

Best Selling Author, Leading Wellness Expert & Licensed Physician

Dr. Andrew Huberman

"I’ve always had a lot of trouble sleeping. Once I switched to a Helix that was precisely matched to my needs, I found that I could sleep through the night, which has made a tremendous difference." (Please note that Dr. Huberman’s affiliation with Helix is separate from his research and teaching responsibilities at Stanford.)

Dr. Andrew Huberman

Neuroscientist and Tenured Professor of Neurobiology at Stanford School of Medicine

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GQ Recommends Helix as the Best Overall Mattress of 2020

Helix Luxe

Our luxury mattress, featuring upgraded, advanced sleep technology

Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress

Helix Standard

Unprecedented comfort from our most popular hybrid mattress.

Helix Midnight Standard Mattress

Starting at $1,099

Starting at $699


14" Tall, 6 Layers

12" Tall, 4 Layers


Premium quilted pillow top with breathable TENCEL

Soft Touch design optimized for airflow


Over one thousand 8" individually wrapped coil units

Hundreds of 8" individually wrapped coil units

Additional Support

Advanced zoned lumbar support and full edge support

Lumbar support and side edge support

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The Helix Team has lived and breathed creating the most comfortable, high-quality products for years with hundreds of thousands of customers. We’ve extended those learnings in comfort, customization, and convenience to our growing family of brands.

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Modular sofas designed to fit your home.

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100% natural and organic sleep products.

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