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Mattresses for Couples

Compromise on relationships, not sleep. Helix can be part of the solution with two distinct options for the perfect bed for couples. That is why we were selected as the "Best Mattress for Couples" by Tuck!

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Couples Solutions


A consistent feel across the mattress that is the happy medium for both of you. Great for couples who have similar needs and preferences.

Best For Couples with more similar needs
Size All
Price Standard
Feel Soft, Medium, Firm
Support Optimal support available for side, back, and stomach sleepers

Dual Comfort

Each side of the bed has a different firmness, split down the middle without a seam. You get that soft feel and they get a firm feel. It’s a win win.

Best For Couples with very different needs
Size Queen, King, CA King
Price Standard + $250.00
Feel One side Soft, One side Firm
Support Optimal support available for side, back, and stomach sleepers
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6000+ Reviews

“The custom sides of our Helix leave us both feeling great from the moment we lay down until we begrudgingly crawl out of bed in the morning.”

Jared & Regan

“We went with the split option because of our very different sleep preferences, and we are both sleeping like babies.”

Jeff & Julie

“The split mattress allows both my husband and me to experience our individual sleep styles without disturbing each other!”

Therese & Joe