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What Makes the Helix Plus Lineup Special?

Our mission from day one has been to offer better sleep for every body type. That's why we've packed the award-winning Helix Plus, Helix Plus Luxe, and Helix Plus Elite mattresses with durable, high-density foams and an enhanced steel coil support system that caters to sleepers with a higher BMI and offers unmatched comfort. The Helix Plus mattresses can be the best mattress options for people of all sleeping positions, offering the best blend of pressure relieving foam comfort layers and contouring support.

Below, we'll explore the key features that make this mattress one of our most popular.

Let's Start With Why
The simple truth is, up to 30% of our customers identify as having a BMI that requires a greater level of support and durability. And for so many of these customers, the experience of buying and using a mattress has been the same: search for a supportive feel and then watch their new mattress begin dipping and sagging in no time. 

That's why we created the Helix Plus. 

We prioritized durability by relying only on the highest quality foam layers and a tailored support system with reinforced steel coils. Then we optimized cooling with two distinct external cover options. And finally, we combined all of those features with an eye towards maximizing comfort because a supportive mattress doesn't have to mean that you feel like you're sleeping on a board.
One of the biggest problems for mattress shoppers is finding a mattress that will last. Too many mattresses rely on low quality foams that break down within the first year. To give the Helix Plus more durability, we've sourced high-density foam layers that stand up to higher weights without sacrificing  pressure point comfort. The Helix Plus is a foam hybrid mattress that supports your body on the surface of the mattress, ensuring you don't sink in too far, while relying on steel coils in the base to cradle your hips and shoulders while you sleep.

In addition to high density foam layers in the surface of the mattress, we've also designed the Helix Plus mattress with our TitanCore steel coil system. This enhanced support layer includes a thicker coil gauge to cradle sleepers of any size while also reducing motion transfer. Just beneath the coils, we use a base layer of DuraDense foam to provide additional support and further assist with motion isolation.

Around the perimeter of the mattress, heavier sleepers can also count on the exceptional edge support provided by our reinforced coils. Not only does this edge support assist with a better night’s sleep but it also helps when sitting on the side of the mattress to tie your shoes or get ready in the morning.

Sure, durability and support and important. But they don't mean all that much if the mattress isn't comfortable. 

The Helix Plus mattress combines our high-grade Helix Responsive Foam with a top layer of Helix Dynamic Foam to ensure excellent pressure relief and body contouring. These two high-quality foam layers are designed to provide sleepers with long-lasting comfort in all sleeping positions.

Side sleepers will enjoy pressure relief similar to memory foam while back sleepers and stomach sleepers will enjoy cradling comfort that keeps their spine in line. 

The Helix Plus mattress is designed with a medium-firm feel that will have just a bit more pressure relief than a firm mattress but still maintain the support needed to relieve lower back pain and other sleep concerns. 
100-Night Sleep Trial

In addition to all of the comfort and support benefits the Helix Plus mattress offers, we’ve also made mattress shopping more convenient than ever before. Instead of going to the store to purchase a traditional innerspring mattress, the Helix Plus mattress has a bed-in-a-box design, allowing up to ship it straight to your door and offer you a risk-free trial period. Our mattresses are assembled in America and include a quick and easy unboxing process and no off-gassing.

You’ll have the chance to try the mattress in your own home and decide whether it’s the right fit for you. If you decide it’s not, you’re welcome to return it for a full refund!

Interested in exploring other Helix mattress models like the Midnight and Midnight Luxe? Don’t forget you can always take our Sleep Quiz to be matched with the best model for your unique preferences.

Close-up of white GlacioTex cooling cover
Next-Level Cooling
It's the final piece of the puzzle. The detail that simply can't be overlooked: temperature regulation.

Like every Helix Sleep mattress, the Helix Plus is a hybrid mattress and is made to maximize airflow through the body of the mattress and help hot sleepers enjoy more comfort. To provide sleepers with an optimal sleeping temperature all night long, the Helix Plus includes two cover options: our premium TENCEL™ fabric or the cutting-edge GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover.
The Ultra Breathable TENCEL™ cover is made from environmentally-friendly Tencel fibers from Eucalyptus trees. The cover is extra soft to the touch and has enhanced breathability to keep you cool. Additionally, the sub-microscopic channels provide best-in-class moisture wicking.
The GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover is an upgrade option and uses state-of-the-art fibers with high thermal conductivity to draw heat away from your body while you sleep. Not only does our GlacioTex™ fabric work to keep heat away from your body while you sleep—it’s actually cool to the touch, giving you instant cooling relief as soon as you lay down. 
Sleep Now. Pay Later.
And don't forget! Just like all of mattresses in our lineup, the Helix Plus mattress includes flexible payment plan options, allowing you enjoy your best night's sleep now and pay for it over time. 

Helix and Affirm have teamed up to offer financing as low as 0% APR on qualifying purchases. Just choose ‘Affirm - Pay Over Time’ at checkout. For shoppers with low or no FICO scores, Katapult offers alternative financing.

Helix Plus Mattress Reviews

See what customers are saying about the Helix Plus in our verified mattress reviews:

The dog won't sleep anywhere else now! We love our helix! We did have to get the topper for it but they sent it free! The pillows are my absolute favorite as well. We love helix so much we purchased the weighted blanket recently and I can't wait to try it when it arrives!!!

Allen F

This second purchase for our guest room, has had rave reviews from all who have used it. Delivery and set up could not have been simpler. Love this bed!

Deborah W.

So far I really do love this bed. I wake up with more energy and sleep through the night more. It really is worth the money especially for the plus sized people. My body and hips have room and cushion. Let's see how it does after a year. 😁

Megan B.

Person sleeping on their side on the Helix Plus mattress
15-Year Warranty

Like all Helix mattresses, the Helix Plus mattress is handmade by skilled professionals in our Phoenix, Arizona facility. We stand by the quality of each and every Helix Plus mattress with a 15-year limited warranty. Our warranty gives you peace of mind, knowing your investment is protected.

Still Have Questions?
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