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How Do I Choose A Support Base?

It's important to provide your mattress with the necessary support beneath its foam layers. Using your new mattress without the proper support can impact the way it feels while you sleep and in some cases can even void your mattress warranty. As you decide between different support bases, it can be helpful to consider: 

  • How tall do you want your bed to be?
  • How much under bed space are your hoping for? 
  • How will your support base look next to the rest of your bedroom furniture? 

Below, we'll explore a few support base options and how explain your options for combining Helix bases to find your perfect setup. 

Helix foundation

Helix Foundation

The Helix Foundation is 7.5 inches tall and is designed with flat spruce wood slats and has just under 5 inches of space between each slat. This small amount of space between each slat is essential to maintaining the feel and durability of your mattress. 

The Helix warranty recommends using flat, thick slats beneath your mattress and requires any support system you use to have no more than 5 inches of space between each support slat. The Helix Foundation can be used with any standard metal bed frame and is the perfect option for anyone looking to replace their box spring. 

Helix Foundation + Bed Frame

The Helix Bed Frame is made with hardened steel and is designed to provide additional height to your sleeping setup. It will sit at the bottom of your setup and support your Foundation, adding 7.5 inches to your overall bed height. 

Please note, though, that the Helix Bed Frame cannot be used alone with your Helix mattress. It must be paired with a Foundation to function properly.

Helix Adjustable Base

Helix Adjustable Base

The Helix Adjustable Base provides optimal support for your mattress with a sturdy steel frame and no gaps of space directly beneath the surface of the mattress. On top of incredible support, the Adjustable Base is remote-powered and allows you to find the perfect angle of your head and foot positioning. 

Elevate your head to reduce snoring. Slide into the zero-gravity preset to alleviate lower back pain. Find the perfect elevation for diving into a good book or binging your favorite show. 

The Adjustable Base is 12 inches tall and includes 4 stackable legs, allowing you to adjust your overall bed height in 3 inch increments.

Shop the Irving Bed Frame

Irving Bed Frame

The Irving Bed Frame is designed with sturdy slats and Swedish Pine legs, ensuring durable support beneath your mattress. It has been load tested to support up to 1,200 pounds. 

The minimalist Irving Bed Frame includes quick and easy tool-free setup. Simply lock the four dowels into each corner roll out your sturdy slat pack for easy assembly in under 10 minutes.

Irving Bed Frame + Headboard

For an added touch of style, add the rustic Wood Headboard. This premium headboard includes quick and easy assembly with provided connector knobs.

Shop the Irving Bed Frame with Headboard

Irving Bed Frame + Upholstered Headboard

The Upholstered Headboard offers an added touch of luxury and a premium feel that matches any bedroom set. Like the Wood Headboard, the Upholstered headboard can be attached in just minutes using the provided connector knobs. 

Helix White Wooden Frame

Madison Bed Frame

The Madison Bed Frame uses sturdy wood slats with just under 5 inches of space between each slat to properly support each layer of your mattress. 

The Bed Frame is 13 inches tall and has a tool-free assembly, plus two beautiful wood finish options.