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How To Build Your Helix System

At Helix, we offer more than just mattresses. We know that everyone sleeps differently so your sleep system is probably different than someone else's. Below are steps to show how to build a complete system; you can decide which works best for you by what you already own or what you might not realize you need.

  • 1. We'll start the system with the Helix Frame

  • This is the base of your bed and serves as the first building block. This isn’t required but is the best fit for the Helix Foundation. If you choose to use The Helix Frame, please note it cannot be used with the mattress alone. Some type of foundation is required.

2. Following the Frame is the Helix Foundation

  1. The Foundation is just that; a support for the mattress. This keeps your mattress from sagging or dipping. Other proper supports might be a boxspring with a bunkie board on top, or a piece of plywood covering the boxspring.

3. Third comes the actual mattress

  1. This is what you came for! Based on your sleeping position and feel preference, you can choose from our 15 personalized mattress offerings.

4. The Ultra Cool Cover

Here is where it gets a bit more customized. If you’re a hot sleeper, are mattresses are already cooling. If you require more we offer the Ultra-Cool Cover that zips right on top of your Helix mattress; if you have the Luxe mattress, the cool technology is already included on the top layer.

5. The Mattress Protector

We recommend every mattress be protected with a mattress protector, which can added over the Ultra-Cool Cover.

6. Add some super soft sheets!

After the mattress comes the sheets. We offer two colors of Tencel sheets. These extra soft sheets come in White and Slate and include two pillow sheets.

7. Throw some pillows in

To really get the most out of your Helix mattress, we recommend our Helix Pillows to make your system complete. Our pillows, either the standard or ultra-cool, are adjustable and come with two inserts and can be removed depending on your preference.

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