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Does The Helix Kids Mattress Come With A Warranty?
As you’re searching for the perfect mattress for your child, you’re probably looking for two major things: a mattress that is comfortable and a mattress that will last. We’ve put together some great details about why the Helix Kids Mattress is designed with dual comfort levels and you’re welcome to click here to learn more. But in this space, we want to focus on durability and how you’ll be protected if something goes wrong.
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📝 Helix Manufacturer’s Warranty

Every Helix Kids Mattress comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty which guards against dipping or sagging of more than 1-inch in the surface of the mattress when used with the proper support system. Dipping or sagging over 1 inch in the surface of the mattress will need to be demonstrated with no weight applied to the surface of the mattress.

The Helix Kids Mattress is designed with internal steel coils that not only provide great support and comfort but also ensure each mattress is durable and designed to stand up to everyday use. To maintain the structure of the mattress, we’ve added reinforced springs along the 2 lengthwise sides. This edge support prevents drooping and also helps keep kids safely in bed.

If at any point during the duration of your warranty, you believe your Helix Kids Mattress is dipping or sagging beyond that 1-inch threshold, just click here to let our team know and we’ll help guide you through a simple measurement process.

You’re also welcome to click here to view the full terms of our manufacturer’s warranty.

What Type Of Support System Is Required?
Unlike a traditional innerspring mattress that isn’t flippable, the 2-sided Helix Kids Mattress is designed primarily with foam layers. It will require a solid support system to prevent any dipping or sagging in the surface of the mattress.

In order to comply with the terms of our warranty, you will need either a solid platform bed or a slatted foundation with no more than 5 inches between each slat.

We designed the Helix Kids Mattress with bunk beds in mind and you are welcome to use yours on top of any bunk bed setup that includes solid support underneath. Please be sure to consult the specific safety guidelines for your bunk bed to confirm that it is compatible with an 8-inch tall mattress.

Accidental Damage Coverage
But sometimes things just happen, right? We want to make sure you’re protected.

While the Helix manufacturer’s warranty does not cover things like spills and stains, we are proud to partner with the Mulberry team to offer Accidental Damage Coverage as an optional add-on purchase at checkout.

Accidental Damage Coverage can be added to your cart prior to purchasing your mattress or it can be added to your order any time within 30 days of your mattress delivery.

The Accidental Damage Coverage program protects you against spills, stains, pet damage, and so much more. You can click here for a full list of coverage under the Accidental Damage Coverage program.

Mattress Protector
And don’t forget! You’re always welcome to add a mattress protector to your Helix Kids Mattress.

The Helix Kids Mattress is protected by a cutting-edge water-repellent finish that relies on a select mix of natural plant extracts to offer great water and stain repellent properties. But a waterproof mattress protector can offer that extra peace of mind knowing your child’s mattress is fully protected!

A mattress protector is not required to maintain eligibility for our manufacturer’s warranty but it can be an excellent safeguard when, you know...life happens.

Do you or your child still have a few questions? Feel free to click here and contact our team. We'll be happy to help right away!
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Do you or your child still have a few questions?
 Feel free to click here and contact our team. We'll be happy to help right away!