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Helix Kids

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"We feel extra confident recommending this mattress because it has earned praise from several sleep experts."

quote by Parents Magazine

"Helix is one of the world’s best mattress brands, so we aren't surprised to see such a high quality build and the use of premium, non-toxic materials here."

quote by Tom's Guide

"Even better news for parents: Helix now makes a kids’ mattress that’s specially designed for their needs."

quote by Parenting Magazine

"A mattress may not be exciting to a kid, but they will thank you when they sleep like a baby (no pun intended). And, parents will love it too."

quote by Lonny

"Helix has a new kids mattress and you're going to want to check it out! It has all sorts of thoughtful features that help facilitate a good night’s sleep."

quote by Tinybeans

"New & Notable: The Helix Kids Mattress sports a dual-sided design so your kid can switch it up as they grow and their preferences change."

quote by NBC News

Expert Tested & Recommended

Trusting us to help your kids get a great night's sleep is a big deal, so we turned to experts and professional caregivers to test our mattresses. That's right, in addition to kids and parents trying out the Helix Kids Mattress, we've also turned to medical doctors, pediatric sleep specialists, and child & family sleep consultants to test this mattress.

"This mattress is light years ahead in design and quality. Helix thought of everything a parent and a sleep physician could want in a mattress including a two sided design to last from age 3 until the child is 12, a cool to the touch hypoallergenic TENCEL™ cover, and CertiPUR-US certified foams."

Meredith Broderick, MD

Board Certified in Neurology, Sleep Medicine, and Behavioral Sleep Medicine; Founder, Sound Sleep Guru

"When I recommend mattresses to clients and even when researching them for my own children I want a mattress that will grow with the child and is hypoallergenic. Longevity and durability are also important, as is choosing the right mattress for your child’s developing body. Selecting a new mattress can be confusing but Helix has made it easy for families."

Alanna McGinn

Certified Family Sleep Coach; Leading Family Sleep Expert and Founder of Good Night Sleep Site

"I highly recommend the Helix Kids Mattress to anyone who is looking to upgrade their child's sleep. From its flippable hybrid design which provides the proper support for my child's growing body, the safe certification guaranteeing that no harsh chemicals or toxins were used, to the comfort of the polyfoam and coils, my child instantly fell in love (and asleep) on it."

Sari Broda

Certified Child Sleep and Behavior Consultant; Sleep Expert In Chief & Founder of The Chil Pil

"As a sleep physician and parent, I am ecstatic there is finally a high quality kids' mattress and I have been thrilled with the Helix Kids Mattress! Studies show that improving the sleep environment (including the mattress) can boost sleep quality. A mattress should be designed with the weight and size of the sleeper in mind, making adult mattresses less than ideal for children."

Meredith Broderick, MD

Board Certified in Neurology, Sleep Medicine, and Behavioral Sleep Medicine; Founder, Sound Sleep Guru

"With its flippable softer and firmer design, The Helix Kids Mattress provides the proper support for all ages of development while also giving kids the comfort and feel they need for a great night of sleep. And its soft, absorbent TENCEL™ cover is naturally hypoallergenic and perfect for my hot sleeper son who also has sensitive skin."

Alanna McGinn

Certified Family Sleep Coach; Leading Family Sleep Expert and Founder of Good Night Sleep Site

"As a child sleep consultant, I always say we have to set up our children for success by optimizing their sleep environment and any factors that we can control. The most important one is a comfortable, thoughtfully-made, and safe mattress. As I transitioned my 3 year old from a crib to a big kid bed, I knew choosing the right mattress would be a game-changer in making this process easier for everyone. The Helix Kids Mattress was the perfect fit!"

Sari Broda

Certified Child Sleep and Behavior Consultant; Sleep Expert In Chief & Founder of The Chil Pil

Kids Mattress Benefits

2-Sided Design for Growing Kids

2-Sided Design for Growing Kids

8" hybrid mattress with 6" innersprings and custom foam layers to provide the right safety, comfort, support, and durability for growing kids with changing needs and preferences.

Firmer Side

Firmer Side

The firmer side is great for younger kids (suggested for 3-7 year olds) when they need additional support to aid proper development of their growing bodies.

Softer Side

Softer Side

As kids get older, they tend to favor mattresses with more of a comforting feel, which is why we created a softer side for older kids (suggested for 8-12) that still provides excellent support.

Sleep Safely

Sleep Safely

To ensure your kid won’t be exposed to dangerous chemicals, this mattress was tested for lead and phthalate and all foams are CertiPUR-US® certified, which guarantees they were made without harmful chemicals.


mattress Cover image

Antimicrobial, Water-Repellent Design

Made with soft, hypoallergenic, and breathable TENCEL™ and treated with a water-repellent finish and a hygienic microbe shield.

Fire Retardant

mattress Fire Retardant image

Protection From Flammability

This vital layer protects against potential flammability and keeps kids safe while they sleep.

Firmer Support Layer (Ages 3-7)

mattress Firmer Support Layer (Ages 3-7) image

High Grade Polyfoam

This layer of sturdy, dense foam provides spinal support to aid the proper development of younger kids’ growing bodies.

Body Shape Coils

mattress Body Shape Coils image

Wrapped Coils

Hundreds of individual 6” coils cradle your kid’s body and limit motion transfer. Two reinforced sides provide edge support to keep your kid safely in bed.

Softer Comfort Layer (Ages 8-12)

mattress Softer Comfort Layer (Ages 8-12) image

Gel Memory Foam

Plush and comforting, this layer has a soft, uniquely pressure relieving and cushioned feel.

Fire Retardant

mattress Fire Retardant image

Protection From Flammability

Both sides of this mattress, as well as the side panels, are safeguarded from flammability.


mattress Cover image

Hypoallergenic, Breathable Design

The entire Helix Kids Mattress is enveloped in a cool to the touch, hypoallergenic cover and is also treated with a non-toxic water-repellent and microbe shield.

Kids Mattress Features

This flippable mattress was designed with the safety and comfort of a growing kid in mind.

Hypoallergenic, Breathable Cover
The naturally hypoallergenic, soft, and breathable TENCEL™ mattress cover provides high levels of airflow. No more sweaty, itchy nights.
Water-Repellent Finish
The Helix Kids Mattress features RUCO®-DRY BIO NPE, an eco-friendly and plant-based durable water-repellent finish that protects the mattress from stains and water damage without impacting the fabric’s breathability and soft touch.
Odor-Fighting Antimicrobial Tech
This mattress uses AEGIS® Microbe Shield, a permanent fiber treatment on the mattress cover that combats odor-causing bacteria, but is safe for you, your kid, and the environment.

Mattress Firmness Scale

Kid Tested & Kid Approved

Who knows best? Moms and dads, of course! But because we designed this bed for kids, we knew we had to also ask them what they thought about the Helix Kids Mattress. So in addition to our mattresses getting tested by medical doctors, pediatric sleep specialists, and child & family sleep consultants, we also got real kids and real families to try out our mattresses too!

"It's so comfy!"

Aiden B.

A Pro At Transitioning To A Big Kid Bed

"Whoa! I love my new bed!"

Melanie T.

Doesn't Always Love Bedtime, But Loves This Mattress

"It's so cozy! I'm so excited to sleep on it again and again! Can I take a nap now?"

Jon A.

Most Likely to be Napping Right Now

"This is the best mattress in the world!"

Angelina L.

Global Napper Extraordinaire

"Two thumbs up!"

Mary B.

Juvenile Mattress Connoisseur

"I'm having so much fun beating up my big brother on my new bed."

Zak W.

Nighttime Ninja

"Helix Kids is the most bounce-tastic mattress I've ever had! It is also nice and comfy for bedtime."

Layla P.

Probably Bouncing (Unless It's Bedtime)

"I slept like a baby on it! Love it"

Ryleigh B.

Part Time Napper & Full Time Cutie

"This mattress is amazing! I love it!"

Alan A.

Genius Blanket Fort Architect

"I love my mom more for my new mattress. Thanks mom!"

Noa A.

Mama's Favorite Child (Obviously)

"I never want to go to school and this mattress makes me not want to go even more..."

Cal C.

Most Likely To Play Hooky

"I give this Helix Kids Mattress 5 out of 5 zzzzzs for sleeping in late on Saturdays. I give it 5 out of 5 stars for comfort while reading my books in bed...for hours. I consider myself an expert in both subjects."

Isabel P.

Sleep Expert-in-Training

Helix Kids Mattress Reviews

Flexible Payment Plans

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Unboxing Your Helix Kids Mattress

Helix Kids Mattress Sizing

The Helix Kids Mattress is 8" tall and flippable.


10-year Limited Warranty.

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