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The Helix Plus Mattress
Our mission from day one have been to offer better sleep for every body. That's why we've packed the Helix Plus mattress with high-density foams and an enhanced steel coil support system that caters to sleepers with a higher BMI.

Below, we’ve included a few helpful resources for getting your new mattress opened, expanded, and ready for your very best night’s sleep. Sweet dreams!
Helix Plus Mattress
Plus Mattress Unboxing Illustration


Open the lid and place the box on its side. Pull to unpack.
Plus Mattress Unboxing Illustration


Once out of the box, pull on the plastic tab to unroll your mattress from the rest of the packaging.
Plus Mattress Unboxing Illustration


Place on your sleeping surface and using scissors, cut carefully to unwrap the final layer of plastic.
Plus Mattress Unboxing Illustration


It will need 30-45 minutes to unwind and fully expand. And then, it’ll be your turn.
15-year Limited Warranty.

Does the Helix Mattress require a foundation?
Yes, every Helix mattress will require a support system beneath it. The slats on your foundation or support system should be no wider than 5 inches apart as that could cause sagging and could potentially void your warranty.
What is the 100 night sleep trial?
Your Helix mattress comes with a 100 night sleep trial, which begins on the day of delivery. If you are unhappy with your mattress within those 100 days, you are welcome to return it for a full refund. Each mattress does include a 30-day break-in period.
Why is there a break-in period?
It can take some time to adjust to a new sleep system. That’s why we require every customer to try their mattress for at least 30 days before beginning the return process. The sleep trial, and break-in period, begin on the day of delivery. 
How can we help?
Chat: 10am - 10pm, M-F
Email: help@helixsleep.com
Call: 831-777-5976
Text: Text Helix to 67069

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