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What is the Expedited Production program?

We get it. Sometimes, you need your mattress in a hurry. 

Maybe you signed the lease on your dream apartment. Maybe you’re tired of your back hurting on that old mattress. Maybe you just don’t want to wait any longer for a deep, restful night of sleep. 

No matter why you might need your mattress in a hurry, we’ve got you covered with our Expedited Production program. This production time guarantee offers you the chance to move your mattress to the front of our manufacturing line and have it shipped out from our Phoenix, Arizona facility within 2 business days of your order.

Skip the line. Ship it right away. 

Couple Unboxing their Helix Mattress
So, how does it work?

Customers who opt into the Expedited Production program pay an additional $49 at checkout and have their mattress moved to the very front of the line. If you choose Expedited Production on your order, we’ll guarantee your mattress ships out within 2 business days of your order.

Please note: During periods of high volume or supply chain delays, we may be temporarily unable to offer the Expedited Production program on certain mattress models.

Does that mean my mattress will be made in a hurry?

Definitely not! Our manufacturing facility is filled with skilled manufacturers who take care to ensure each and every mattress is carefully constructed. Customers who choose to add Expedited Production to their order will enjoy a faster production time but the same rigorous manufacturing process as every other order we fulfill.

Man Unboxing his Helix Mattress
So when will my mattress be delivered to my home?

With the Expedited Production program, we are able to control the time it takes for your mattress to be constructed, packaged, and shipped out from our facility. Once the mattress leaves our facility, though, FedEx will be responsible for how quickly it arrives to your home. 

All orders are shipped via FedEx Ground and typically arrive to their destination within 3-7 business days of leaving our facility. Once your mattress is shipped, we’ll send you tracking information and an estimated delivery date so you can keep an eye on it while it makes its way to you. 

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