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Helix Dawn Elite


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Experience Elite Luxury
Elite Foam Layers Icon
5 High-Density Foam Layers
We've taken luxury to the next level with the Dawn Elite Mattress. Treat yourself to 5 responsive foam layers, each coming together for a firm feel that cradles and supports your body in stomach and back sleeping positions.
Elite Microcoils Benefit Icon
Microcoil Comfort Layers
Enjoy two individually wrapped microcoil layers, designed for incredible cushioning comfort, reduced back pressure, and a truly restorative sleep experience.
Elite Superior Support System Icon
A Superior Support System
Every Elite mattress harnesses the support of hundreds of individually wrapped steel coils, features zoned lumbar support, and provides a full perimeter reinforcement for a sturdy, supportive feel night after night.
Elite GlacioTex Cooling Icon
Advanced GlacioTex™ Elite Technology
Treat yourself with our most advanced cooling feature. This phase change fabric optimizes your sleep temperature from the minute you lie down providing you with all-night cooling comfort. 

Person laying on their back on Helix Elite mattress
What's The Elite Difference?
At Helix, we're on a mission to provide a tailored sleep experience for each and every person. The Helix Elite Collection is a celebration of our innovative style, a creation that combines high-end luxury with personalized comfort. Each Helix Elite mattress is carefully handcrafted for a superior sleep experience. 
Elite Tallest Mattress On the Internet Icon
The Tallest Mattresses On The Internet
We're changing the way you think about bed-in-a-box. The Dawn Elite mattress combines 5 carefully chosen comfort layers and 2 separate microcoil comfort layers, resulting in a 16 inch mattress that exudes luxury from top to bottom. Each Elite mattress ships in two separate boxes.
Elite Support Icon
Unparalleled Support & Durability
We've gone above and beyond the standard support base at the bottom of your mattress and instead layered strategic support layers throughout. We've combined a zoned lumbar coil base with high-density foam support layers and full perimeter reinforcement to offer truly superior support.
Elite Elevated Sleep Icon
An Elevated & Elegant Sleep Experience
We've committed ourselves to every detail on the Dawn Elite mattress. From a cutting-edge two-part design to our most advanced cooling technology, the Elite mattress is a statement that you've treated yourself to the very best we have to offer.  
Cover & Pillow Top
Cutting-Edge Cooling & Cushioning
This plush, luxurious, quilted foam pillow top features our GlacioTex™ Elite cooling fabric that dissipates heat, ensuring temperature-regulated, pressure relieving comfort all night long.
Comfort Layer
Elite Dawn Dynamic Polyfoam Layer
Helix Dynamic Foam
Our exclusive foam blend offers a firm, responsive feel on the surface of the mattress and cradles your body to prevent you from sinking in too far, making it ideal for stomach and back sleepers.
Microcoil Comfort Layer
Elite Render Microcoils Layer
Individually Wrapped Microcoils
Steel microcoils sit between two layers of high density foam to cradle your body and ensure premium comfort, targeted pressure relief, and spinal alignment.
Support Layer
Elite Dawn Render Helix Dynamic Foam Layer
Helix Dynamic Foam
Another layer of our exclusive foam blend provides essential support in the body of the mattress, creating a firm, cradling feel as you sleep. 
Microcoil Comfort Layer
Elite Render Microcoils Layer
Individually Wrapped Microcoils
This second layer of steel microcoils offers additional durable comfort, with targeted pressure relief at your shoulders and hips. 
Support Layer
Elite Dawn Render Support Layer
Helix Dynamic Foam
A high-density foam layer offering additional firm support for sleepers of any size. This latex-alternative blend provides responsive support and cradling comfort.
Transition Layer
Elite Dawn Render High Grade Polyfoam Layer
Helix Responsive Foam
Arranged just above the support base, this layer of high-grade Helix Responsive Foam ensures the durability and pressure relieving support of our steel coil base. 
Support Base
Elite Render Individually Wrapped Zoned Coils Layer
Individually Wrapped Zoned Coils
An 8 inch layer of premium steel coils, built with zoned lumbar support and full perimeter reinforcement. This advanced coil base offers sturdy support for sleepers of any size.
Base Layer
Elite Render Duradense Foam Layer
DuraDense Foam
A final layer of dense foam encloses the bottom surface of the mattress, bolstering the steel coil support base and maintaining its structure and luxury feel.
"Five hours of sleep on this mattress felt
like seven."
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"The only thing bringing me comfort in
these sleepless times."
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"Marked improvement over our existing
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"It is honestly the best mattress I've 
ever slept on."

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"I feel more supported at night .. and have
 noticed decreased neck, shoulder,
 and back pain."
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"It's insane how much cooler 
I am now."

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Mattress Firmness Scale
Elite Dawn Mattress Firmness Scale for Mobile
Close-up of hand on Helix Elite Mattress
What makes the Helix Elite mattresses so special?

We’ve created the Helix Elite Collection to celebrate our innovative approach to better sleep while pushing the boundaries of mattress design. We’ve designed each and every Helix Elite mattress with high-density foams, cradling microcoils, and our most advanced cooling technology. Each Elite mattress ships in two separate boxes.

Does the Helix Elite mattress work with an Adjustable Base?

Yes, each Helix Elite mattress will work great with an adjustable base. Elite mattresses are made with individually wrapped steel coils in the base of the mattress, allowing them to maintain support and durability in any elevated position. Explore the Adjustable Base.

What are the differences between the 6 Helix Elite Mattresses?

The Helix Elite collection builds on our strategy of offering tailored mattress models based on a sleeper's unique feel and sleep position preferences. Like the Core and Luxe collections, the Elite collection offers three models designed for side sleepers and people who toss and turn (Sunset Elite, Midnight Elite, and Twilight Elite) as well as three models for stomach and back sleepers (Moonlight Elite, Dusk Elite, and Dawn Elite.)

Does the Helix Elite mattress require deep pocket sheets?

At 16 inches tall, the Helix Elite mattress will be a bit too tall to work well with most standard fitted sheets. We recommend a deep-pocketed sheet with pockets that can fit at least 16 inches. Shop our deep-pocketed sheets. 
Flexible Payment Plans
Helix and Affirm have teamed up to offer financing as low as 0% APR on qualifying purchases. Just choose ‘Affirm - Pay Over Time’ at checkout. For shoppers with low or no FICO scores, Katapult offers alternative financing.
Affirm Financing Option
Pay over time with Affirm
As low as 0% APR financing*
Get a Helix Sleep Queen mattress for as low as $61/month over 18-months at 0% APR. Based on a full purchase price of $1,099.

Subject to credit check and approval. Rates from 0% APR or 10-36% APR over 12, 18, or 36 months based on creditworthiness and purchase amount. Paid interest is non-refundable.

In cases of partial approval, a down payment may be required.

For purchases under $150, limited payment options are available.

Estimated payment amount excludes taxes and shipping fees. Offer subject to change at any time. Previous purchases are ineligible.

Payment options through Affirm are provided by these lending partners: http://affirm.com/lenders.

Katapult offers alternative financing for people with low or no FICO scores.

Non-refundable $45 initial payment required. Previous purchases are ineligible for offer. Offer subject to change at any time. Subject to credit approval. See terms.
Two people zipping up the Helix Elite mattress
Your Elite mattress will arrive in 2 boxes: one for the encased support base (with zipped on pillow top cover) and one for the comfort insert.
Unpack both boxes and remove the outer layer of plastic from the encased support base and comfort insert.
Elite unboxing illustration
Place the encased support base of your mattress on your sleeping surface and carefully cut and unwrap the inner layer of plastic. Allow the base to begin expanding. Unzip and open the pillow top cover.
Elite unboxing illustration
Carefully cut the final layer of plastic from the comfort insert of your mattress. Place the comfort insert on top of the encased support base, with the zipper side facing down and the mattress model tag at the foot of the bed.
Elite unboxing illustration
Securely zip the pillow top surface back to your encased support base, fully enveloping the comfort insert. Your Elite mattress may take up to 2 hours to fully expand. Then it's your turn to indulge in the luxurious sleep experience you deserve.

Mattress Sizing
Each Helix Elite mattress is 16" tall once fully assembled.
Elite Twin Mattress Sizing Illustration
38" x 75"
Elite Twin XL Mattress Sizing Illustration
Twin XL
38" x 80"
Elite Full Mattress Sizing Illustration
54" x 75"
Elite Queen Mattress Sizing Illustration
60" x 80"
Elite King Mattress Sizing Illustration
76" x 80"
Elite CA King Mattress Sizing Illustration
CA King
72" x 84"

Due to the handmade nature of our mattresses, their dimensions can vary by up to 1” on any given side.

15-year Limited Warranty.