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Helix Moonlight Elite

Helix Moonlight Elite Benefits Icon Body Cradling Comfort
Helix Moonlight Elite Benefits Icon Dual Microcoil Layers
Helix Moonlight Elite Benefits Icon Best-In-Class Support
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Experience Elite Luxury
Foam Layers Elite Icon
5 High-Density Foam Layers
We've taken luxury to the next level with the Moonlight Elite Mattress. Treat yourself to 5 responsive foam layers, each coming together for a soft feel that cradles and supports your body in stomach and back sleeping positions.
Microcoils Elite Icon
Microcoil Comfort Layers
Enjoy two individually wrapped microcoil layers, designed for incredible cushioning comfort, reduced back pressure, and a truly restorative sleep experience.
Superior Support Elite Icon
A Superior Support System
Every Elite mattress harnesses the support of hundreds of individually wrapped steel coils, features zoned lumbar support, and provides a full perimeter reinforcement for a sturdy, supportive feel night after night.
GlacioTex Elite Icon
Advanced GlacioTex™ Elite Technology
Treat yourself with our most advanced cooling feature. This phase change fabric optimizes your sleep temperature from the minute you lie down providing you with all-night cooling comfort. 

"At 16 inches, Elite is indeed the Shaq of boxed


"The foam layers cushion the body to relieve

pressure build up in areas like the shoulders, hips,

and spine."

"You’ll sink into the soft foam like it’s a cloud,

but don’t be fooled—individually wrapped coils

reduce pressure."

"This is an upgrade I can stay excited about

for years to come."

"There is no doubt that the Elite does provides better

performance compared to the Helix's other lines."

"The innovative design really lends itself to the

superior feel and quality of this mattress."

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