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Wrapped Coil Mattress Guide
Pros, Cons and Pricing
Cross-section of a coil mattress
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Zach Gentry
Helix Customer Experience Manager / Mattress Guru
Updated: February 3, 2020
A hybrid coil mattress is also known as an individually wrapped coil mattress. You may also see some varieties sold as "open coil mattresses." Like innerspring mattresses, individually wrapped coil mattresses have coils (or springs) that support you as you sleep.
When you compare an innerspring mattress vs. an individually wrapped coil mattress, the main difference is that an innerspring mattress has a core of connected springs, while the springs in an individually wrapped coil mattress are separate.
When making an individually wrapped coil mattress, the bed manufacturer wraps each spring in a fabric material. This design provides more support than an innerspring, and it minimizes movement when the user shifts positions.
Though coil tensions and quality vary, just like with any other mattress types, coil mattresses provide a slightly softer, quieter sleeping experience, especially when you compare them to innerspring mattresses.

What is a Coil Mattress Made of?
Individually wrapped coil mattresses, which sometimes get advertised as hybrid spring mattresses, usually have coils made from metal or a metal composite. These coils get placed inside fabric sheaths. Some coil mattress models have open springs, which do not sit inside a cloth wrapping.
These models have springs that are joined by wires. Individually wrapped coil mattresses usually have cylindrical springs, while open springs are often hour-glass shaped. These coils typically sit inside a casing with a foam top.
These mattresses usually get topped with foam or some other type of padding. The thickness of this padding varies from bed to bed.

How Long Does a Coil Mattress Last?
A coil mattress usually lasts for 10 or more years if it is a high-quality product. Some experts suggest replacing your mattress after eight years. This lifespan is similar to many other styles of bed, including innerspring models, which are the most closely related to individually wrapped coil mattresses.
Since the coils are independent of one another, some spots in a wrapped spring mattress may age faster than others. For example, if you sleep on one side of the bed, the springs that usually support your body could lose some of their tension and supportive capabilities over time. The timeframe for this aging depends on the quality of the spring.
There is a method to avoid having some spots in your bed sag. You can rotate your mattress so that the springs age evenly. Since coils on a wrapped spring mattress are symmetrical, you can also flip the mattress over. Other factors, including the density of the springs and the number of coils inside the bed, can also affect lifespan.
The fabric wrapping that contains the springs also matters. If a spring breaks out of the wrap because of low-quality fabric, it could push up through the padding or fall out of place and not provide any support whatsoever. For this reason, quality fabric is vital for the longevity of an individually wrapped spring mattress.

Are Coil Mattresses Practical?
Coil mattresses are practical in some respects. However, you can also obtain products that provide a similar design but offer extra features.
For example, some hybrid mattresses have a coil or innerspring designs, but they combine them with a softer memory foam tops that offer additional body contouring support. A lot of hybrid mattresses come at a similar price point to regular coil mattresses, so shoppers may not need to pay that much more to get the extra features.

Price Range for Coil Mattresses
Economically-priced hybrid mattresses are in the $100-$300 range, while quality mid-range models are usually in the neighborhood of $500-$1,000. Though it is not a rule for every individually wrapped spring mattress, the number of coils inside the bed can affect the price. Premium mattresses may have more coils or more-densely-packed coils to provide more responsiveness and support.
Some high-end hybrid coil mattress models can cost more than $2,000. The features that make these options more expensive include premium materials for the coils or a surface with memory foam or other premium material.

Coil Mattress vs. Hybrid Mattresses
An individually wrapped coil mattress provides support for a reasonable price. Hybrid mattresses are in a similar price category, but they add features such as a gel or memory foam top to an innerspring or wrapped coil mattress design.
In other words, with a hybrid mattress, you get an extra feature in the same price range. The question that buyers need to ask is whether or not a memory foam top (for example) is something that provides an added benefit and value.

How Firm is a Coil Mattress?
The firmness of coil mattresses varies depending on the quality and tension level of the springs. Some users consider an individually wrapped coil mattress softer than an innerspring mattress because the coils move independently, creating a more supported feeling.
At the same time, a coil mattress is firmer than a memory foam mattress because it does not allow your body to sink into the bed. When you shift positions, the coils spring back into place, unlike memory foam, which is softer but can make you feel like you are sinking into the mattress because it does not spring back into place as you move.
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